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Great Things Come in Small Package

Date: 2016-03-16 12:00:00 am

Great Things Come in Small Package


explore nature Are you looking for the best possible way to encourage your child to spend time with nature fun activities? Look no farther by taking him to explore nature using a magnifying glass. Parents need to show their children the most interesting thing they should learn by discovering themselves about the world they live in. After they experience first-hand in exploring the wonders of nature, they may tend to make nature observation a life-time hobby. Using a magnifying glass for a unique nature fun activity in outdoors not only gives more fun to children but it helps them see more clearly of the wonderful world of small objects around us.

Some of the ideas that can help your child get started in making careful observations with natural objects include nature station with a magnifying glass. You can create a magnifying glass nature station with natural objects either in your backyard or in your neighborhood. Collect a few items to start and encourage your child to find a few of their own while playing indoors or during a walk in outdoors.

Examining insects with a magnifying glass can also be a very exciting nature fun activity for kids. Start collecting a few insects and let your child examine it with a magnifying glass. Try to look for dead insects in the garden, in window sills, or in spider webs. If you capture a live insect, place it in a clear container and let your child get a closer look using a magnifying glass. Let him observe closely the legs, wings, the antennae, or the eyes. Another interesting idea is to place the insect in a clear glass that allows your child see the underside clearly.

You also can create a new level of tree study using a magnifying glass. To start examining the tree, let your child use a magnifying glass to examine the bark, the leaves, and the acorns of a tree in your backyard or around the neighborhood. You can also compare the texture of each leaf of two trees and each bark using a magnifying glass for close observations to see the difference. In this study, your child will see the tiniest details of every leaf and bark of the trees.

Exploring tiny things with a magnifying glass is always an interesting nature fun activity for children. It is like you are observing a whole new world when you get up close and see the finest detail of the things not visible to our naked eye. Children really love to do this kind of hobby. A magnifying glass just won’t let your children run out of interesting things to explore and examine what our nature has to offer.

Enjoying a unique nature fun activity with a magnifying glass is not mere identification of the things but examination of its finest detail. If your child doesn’t know much yet of the names of the tiny things around us, by all means, encourage him to spend more time with nature.

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