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Greet 2019 with Branson's Grandest Show, Grand Jubilee

Date: 2018-12-19 12:00:00 am

Greet 2019 with Branson's Grandest Show, Grand Jubilee


Grand Jubilee Show is one of the most sought after shows in Branson to start the year as it brings you some of the best entertainment to greet 2019.

The show will feature powerful harmonies and dynamic performance of New South, Branson’s best quartet. From country and gospel songs to rock & roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee surpasses expectations of any age. It is a variety show that combines the best in classic and modern country music. Grand Jubilee is a popular show in Branson which features some of the funniest comedians in town, as well as stunning dancing and singing performances of unbelievable talented performers, and a high-energy cast to put on one of the best production shows in Branson.

shows in BransonJamie Haage as Jim Dandy and Emcee Mike Patrick along with the power vocals of Jackie Brown, they will keep you entertained with much laughter till the end of the show.  Having won Branson’s Best Variety Show, Band of the Year, Quartet of the Year, Comedian of the Year, Piano Player of the Year, Emcee of the Year, Fiddle Player of the Year, Guitar Player of the Year, Bass Guitar Player of the Year, Drummer of the Year, and Steel Guitar Player of the Year, it’s clear to see why Grand Jubilee is a must-see show in Branson. You can also enjoy songs of the Eagles and Oak Ridge Boys, as well as country classics and gospel songs, and more. This show features scintillating musical contents that will keep your eyes gaze to the energetic performers.

This incredible singing group entertains audiences with spectacular music, great harmonies, fantastic comedy, and Ozarks hospitality. Members of Grand Jubilee rise to the challenge of those high notes and grab those low notes to bring you songs from rock’s greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as classic country and gospel songs, and today’s Top 40. These accomplished performers continue to entertain audiences and enjoy their music careers with numerous Branson music show industry accolades. If we based on the awards that they received, “Grand Jubilee” would be America’s most recognized show. You’ll also enjoy “up close and personal” performances by many other talented entertainers.

Backing up the phenomenally talented performers of the Grand Jubilee show are some of the most widely-regarded line-up of musicians in town. This live band helps bring a unique show to live performance that fill the theater with their amazing instrumental skills. The impressive cast of talented singers and instrumentalists with the Grand Jubilee show include Trey Wilson, Lead singer; Jason Robinson, Tenor singer; Mark McCauley, Bass singer; David Price, Baritone singer; Jamie Haage, comedian; Mike Patrick, MC; Jackie Brown, Vocalist; Rob Blackburn, Drums; Gene Mulvaney, Acoustic guitar, banjo, steel guitar; Wayne Massengale, Accoustic guitar & fiddle; Larry Allred, Bass guitar; Michael W. Davis, Piano, keyboard, and vocals; and Matt Hanshaw, Acoustic and lead guitar.

As one of the most anticipated shows in Branson this holiday season, The Grand Jubilee, starring New South, Branson’s best quartet, will bring you some of the best entertainment to greet 2019.


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