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Have Fun with Underwater Photography

Date: 2016-01-03 12:00:00 am

Have Fun with Underwater Photography


Branson Tri-lakes area is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Ozarks where you can enjoy hundreds of water sports activities. Branson Tri-lakes area is such a great place to have fun with countless recreational water sports adventures such as kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, and more. Aside from all the water fun activities you can enjoy in the Tri-Lakes area, you will also find the pristine waters of the lake perfect for underwater photography. So, get ready with your camera, explore the spectacular view underneath and start taking pictures.

underwater photographyIf underwater photography is your first attempt, you can get started by using any of the waterproof single-use underwater camera. Many of the first timers in underwater photography is just curious in trying to experience the thrill in underwater adventure. So it’s not necessary this time to buy any expensive underwater camera equipment. The clean waters in the Tri-lakes area is a great place to start, especially when some of single-use cameras are waterproof up to 50 feet. Get to know more about camera models if you’re ready to acquire a reusable camera.

The new single-use waterproof models from Kodak come with 800 Max Film, the most versatile of Kodak films as it works well with lower light levels as well as in bright sunlight. Fuji films loaded with ISO 800 speed film are also good for any underwater photography but only ideal to a depth of 35 feet.  There’s a lot more to learn if you want to get serious about underwater photography. But before going serious, you need to learn underwater photography lessons that are ideal for beginners.

A waterproof single-use camera is perfect for those just starting underwater photography taking candid photos of friends playing around the pool. You can use this single-use model above the water or under it. If you need some experiment, you can even take a photo with your half body above the surface and the other half submerged. When you are going to head out to the beach, leave your expensive SLR camera at home, since salt and sand can ruin any camera. With a waterproof camera in your hand, it’s easy for you to chase a hyper child into the water without damaging your camera.   

If you are ready for the big plunge with your underwater camera, be sure to avoid obstacles underwater such as predators around you, be it jellyfish or a human. As much as you want, your spectacular vacation shot should come out fascinating and perfect. To achieve a picture perfect shot with your underwater camera, it is best to take underwater photos between 10am to 2 pm because this is the time when the sun is directly hitting your subject thereby allowing optimal sunlight. Underwater photography in a clean water always produces clear photos especially when the sun is directly overhead.

So, if you want to have some fun with underwater photography, head on to the Branson Tri-lakes area where you can see fantastic view underneath in clean and clear waters of the lake.

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