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Have a Great Winter Fishing Experience with the Help of Fishing Guides in Branson

Date: 2015-12-19 12:00:00 am

Have a Great Winter Fishing Experience with the Help of Fishing Guides in Branson


fishing adventure Fishing can be more fun in Branson even during winter season as the place is home to three pristine lakes. Branson is popularly known as the major tourist destination in the Midwest. The region’s world-class entertainment shows, exciting attractions, theme parks, museums, and great outdoors are some of the most interesting spots in Branson that drew visitors from around the country. But the real star in the region has always been and still remains today, the clean and crystal clear waters of the lakes.

When the Powersite Dam was constructed and formed the man-made Lake Taneycomo, the White River’s free flowing course ended. Lake Taneycomo became a popular warm-water fishery for 45 years.  That changed in 1958 after the construction of Table Rock Dam was completed. The cold water that flows from the depths of Table Rock Lake goes to Lake Taneycomo and transformed it into one of the premier trout fisheries in the country. The 22-mile coastline of Lake Taneycomo is more like a river than a lake. Since the lake is sandwiched between the two dams, it is officially a lake. The cold-water of the lake supports lots of trout. In fact, the lake has stocks of 750,000 trouts each year.

Winter fishing on Lake Taneycomo depends much on the water flow. The water level in the lake depends on how much water is being released from the dam. The water below Table Rock Dam is generally shallow that you can wade through, and is heavily fly fished. Down the lake, the deep water runs slower and this allows trout to grow to enormous sizes. Many fishing enthusiasts believe that the next world-record brown trout will be angled out in Lake Taneycomo.

Lake Taneycomo has  a water temperature that remains fairly constant, so fishing is great all year round. Winter season is considered as the best time to fish on Lake Taneycomo because the crowds are down and the water conditions remain stable most of the time. In the lake, you will find Phil Lilley who is expert on catching trout in Lake Taneycomo. Phil opened with his family Lilleys’ Landing on the lake in early 80s and made it into one of the premiere trout fishing destinations in the Midwest. Staying at Lilleys’ landing can be convenient as it allows you to be right on the water, but it is actually very near bustling Branson city attractions.

Lake Taneycomo is a great fishing destination for beginners and professional angles because the lake offers something for everyone. For a novice fisherman, it’s ideal to use worms and power bait, and you’re sure to catch fish. If you are an expert angler, then your fishing skills will be tested in the lake against some of the largest trout in the country.

So, if you want to spend a wonderful time in outdoors even during winter season, try a fishing adventure on Lake Taneycomo where its water conditions remain stable most of the time.

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