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Have a Taste For Wine? Come to Mount Pleasant Winery

Date: 2016-07-01 12:00:00 am

Have a Taste For Wine? Come to Mount Pleasant Winery


Mount Pleasant WineryMount Pleasant Winery in Branson is a great place to taste different types of wine. The winery also offers Wine 101 Class for visitors in Branson where they can learn how wines are made. The wine orchard of Mount Pleasant Winery in the heart of Augusta Appellation Wine District has an area of 85 acres of grapevines. Guests visiting the winery will learn how to properly taste wine by using the swirl, sip and savor process. They will also get to learn how to pair their wines with cheese, sausage and bread to get the whole experience.

Once inside the facility of Mount Pleasant Winery, you will not only get to try fine wines and food, but you will also get a souvenir wine glass, with the chance to bottle your own wine, browse the winery’s art gallery and more. At the winery, you will be tasting wines which include red wines and white wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

The first location of Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta grows 12 grape varieties in a 78-acre property. The facility gives every guest a chance to enjoy wine tasting in the spacious 4,000 square-foot tasting room and a chance to sip wine on the terrace with picturesque views of the Missouri River Valley. This winery in Augusta offers guests a chance to participate in cellar tours, wine classes, holiday-themed events and more.

The 9,200-square-foot bottling plant in Branson is the second location of the winery which was opened in April 2008. This second facility of Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson offers clients the opportunity to shop and sample award-winning wines and a chance to bottle their own wine from a 600-gallon French oak barrel. When the wine facility in Augusta celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2009, Mount Pleasant Winery was changed to Mount Pleasant Estates and the Branson facility remains the same as Mount Pleasant Winery.

The Wine 101 Class of Mount Pleasant Winery is an adventure in wine tasting in Branson. This wine facility bottles national and international award-winning wines such as excellent reds, whites, golds, and silvers, as well as the perfect stemware for each. The facility is complete with an extensive wine shop and art galleries. Wine 101 Class was designed to enhance in appreciating fine wines. The class is ideal for beginners and everyone who yearns to become a wine connoisseur. Each attendee to the class will learn how to pair wine with food and the five S’s of wine tasting: see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor.

Throughout the duration of the wine class, you will learn the basics of wine, including how to properly taste wine. You will learn also what types of wine that can pair best to certain type of foods such as cheese or chocolates.

So, the next time you host a party in your home, you can serve your guests with the right type of wine and the right combination of food.

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