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Health Benefits of Staying in a Log Cabin

Date: 2020-03-04 12:00:00 am

Health Benefits of Staying in a Log Cabin


It’s no secret that there are many kinds of advantages of living in a log cabin, and do you know that living in a cabin can benefit your health as well?

That’s right, living in a log in Branson can positively impact our health in many ways. Branson log cabins have many perks for those who live in them. Other than enjoying a relaxing stay, log cabins have positive health benefits. Listed below are some of a few health benefits of living in a log home.

1. Improved indoor air quality

Branson log cabinsEssentially, the wood used in building log cabins has many air purifying qualities. The woods that Branson log cabins are made of store carbons and control humidity, resulting in better circulation of the air inside the cabin.

Additionally, the wood reduces the need for dehumidifiers, air filters, or purifiers. The solid wood walls of a log cabin trap and release moisture in a regulatory manner, making the indoor air healthier for a human to breathe. As a result, living in a log home can improve one’s respiratory condition and reduce the risk of illness.

2. Improved mental health

The relaxing atmosphere and tranquil ambiance that you can enjoy in a log cabin can give a very positive effect on one’s mental health. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and provides a calming effect when used in a home. The beneficial characteristics of wood have the potential to reduce mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, or stress-related illnesses. Studies show that living in a log cabin is a healthy choice for those who want to reduce their stress levels.

3. Eco-friendly

Log cabins are very eco-friendly for a fact that they are made of logs and beautifully located in a secluded area. Unlike structures in the city that are made of brick or stone, Branson log cabins are renewable and have less of an impact on the surrounding environment. In general, people living in eco-friendly environments are healthier and happier than people living in urban areas. So, log cabins’ eco-friendly qualities can affect positively one’s physical and mental health.

4. Natural insulation

The wood used in a log cabin has natural insulating properties that keep the temperature inside a cabin at a pleasing level. No matter the temperature outside, wood can maintain the heat to keep the internal temperature consistent. Because the log cabin can loss little heat, the temperature inside a cabin remains stable which, in return, stabilizes the body temperature of the occupants living inside. Plus, the wood’s natural insulating properties make the log cabins very energy efficient.

5. Promotes active lifestyle

Log cabins are usually built-in nature, as they are mostly erected by the lakeside, in the woods, or the mountains. As a result, living in a log cabin encourages a more active lifestyle as they are built in areas that are abundant with outdoor activities.

Rather than staying inside the cabin, unwind or watch TV, people living in a log cabin usually are more likely to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors and spectacular natural scenery. No matter your lifestyle is, it’s safe to say that living in a log cabin can positively impact your health in some way. Living in a log cabin can provide some health benefits.

6. Psychological benefits

The wood used in a home is aesthetically pleasing and calming material. According to a study, the wood has a pretty positive psychological effect on those who live in such homes. Wood is being used in the construction of daycare centers and children’s hospitals because it is seen as a great material for kids which give them the best possible growing environment.

With a log home, you have more control on temperature and humidity because the wood that your home is made of is completely solid. Plus the wood helps regulate air quality, leading to better overall indoor air quality and purity.

7. Log cabins are good for your heart and soul

Branson log cabinsWhen you live in a log cabin, you have the feeling of unity with nature, clean air, light aroma of fresh wood, optimal temperature, and humidity – everything in a wooden home contributes to great relaxation in a calm environment. Living in such conditions is very useful to people who suffer from nervous system disorders, stress, insomnia, and headaches. Even the color of the wood helps forget problems and put nerves in order, contributes to calm and rehabilitation after experiencing.

8. Wood reduces stress

Numerous studies have proven that the presence of wood in log homes reduces sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation. SNS activation is the way that the body prepares itself to deal with stress. SNS activation increases blood pressure and heart rate. It also inhibits digestion, recovery, and repair functions in the body to deal with immediate threats. However, when the body spends prolonged periods in an SNS activated state health suffers both physiologically and psychologically.

Wood, therefore, as it is mostly used in building log cabins, it is one way to create a healthier environment as they are usually located in a secluded area. Owning a log cabin is a perfect way to avoid many annoying things such as noisy neighbors, busy city streets, traffic, and airplanes overhead. Most of the log cabins erected are very sturdy, durable, warm, high-quality, and environmentally friendly.

9. Log homes are an economic, responsible investment

Branson log cabins are environmentally friendly as the construction allows a very high percentage of recyclable built-in materials. In a log home like this, you can enjoy comfortable living at 18°c. The log cabin needs less energy for heating because wood does not cool down at lower temperature as much as other construction materials do. The log homes offer the best price-quality ratio when compared to other solid wood construction methods.

Living close to nature is an amazing way to forget the worries and stresses of everyday life which means that staying in a log cabin can give you some health benefits.

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