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Healthy and Yummy Greek Cuisines

Date: 2015-11-22 12:00:00 am

Healthy and Yummy Greek Cuisines


Greek Gyros and Deli If you are looking for a great Greek restaurant in Branson, try the Greek Gyros and Deli where you can enjoy a delicious, healthy and yummy Greek foods. This restaurant in Branson is beautifully located between an array of flea markets and specialty shops, just down the road on Main Street near Branson Landing. The place stands out from many other restaurants in the area because it boasts authentic Greek food. Salads, sandwiches, sides and desserts that are served here are not just delicious, its prices are all incredibly low too.

Once you set foot in this restaurant in Branson don’t miss to order Greek salad and a side order of hummus and pita bread which are served with a homemade feta cheese dressing.  At the bottom of the salad, you will find a mound of delicious homemade potato salad which is beyond delicious. The salad and side of hummus is served with warm pita bread which is soft and baked fresh to order which will pair perfectly with everything. If you try their mouthwatering and tempting homemade baklava, you will definitely think to return there to have some lunch or dinner again soon.

Greek Gyros and Deli is well worth the stop in the area near Branson Landing as you will find the best dolmades ever which are served in small pieces, instead of usual rolled leaf. The restaurant also serves an excellent  side of the gyro meat. Dimitri, the owner and chef of the restaurant does a fine job putting out quality authentic Greek food. He ran the restaurant for about 30 years even before  the development of Branson Landing. This Greek restaurant in Branson has the best tzatziki sauce that you will ever taste. The portions are large with authentic Greek flavor.

This Greek restaurant in Branson serves amazingly delicious food with a very warm service. Their fabulous sampler platter and the gyros are not just tasty, they are authentic Greek food to die for.  The place is a must visit if you’re in Branson. The appetizers served here are sumptuous and the service is wonderful especially if you’re looking for an alternative place to the same chains you enjoy at home.

From the moment you walk in this little place on the hill in the historic downtown Branson, you will be greeted by the employees who are very sweet and friendly. As you get a platter of chicken gyros for two, you will find the meat so good and flavorful. Its sauces and pita are awesome, and you will get so much meat it could feed for four. As you enjoy your meal, you will think to definitely come again to this amazing restaurant that serves authentic Greek cuisines. You will also feel a friendly service as the owner and chef Dimitri often speaks to customers and tell stories about Greece.

Greek Gyros and Deli is a great restaurant in Branson where you can enjoy not only authentic Greek cuisines but also a healthy, yummy, and delicious foods.

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