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Home Decors, Hand-made Jewelries and More!

Date: 2016-12-29 12:00:00 am

Home Decors, Hand-made Jewelries and More!


Shopping in Branson can be easy and convenient if you shop at the Grand Village Shops. Nestled in the heart of Highway 76, this great shopping place is home to 26 plus unique shops, featuring great works of craftsmen and artisans, hand-made jewelries, gifts and home décor, Christmas items and more. With its quaint Charleston style, cottage shops, there’s a surprise for everyone around every corner. This great shopping venue in Branson offers daily demonstration at The Peter Engler Wood Carving Shop, custom necklaces and jewelries at Serendipity, and singing waiters in Mel’s Hard Luck Diner.

fashion jewelries at The Grand VillageThe Grand Village Shops features musical performances across from the fountain, book signings at TJ Charleston’s and don’t miss to have a picture taken at the Huge Ozark Handcrafted Rocking Chair. You will also find the famous Thomas Kinkade Gallery which features a treasure of the famous painters that are on sale; the Midwest’s largest Christmas store, Kringles Christmas Shop which offers a wide array of many handcrafted Santa’s by artists from around the world.

This great shopping village takes visitors on a journey along cobblestone streets that lead to an unforgettable shopping in Branson. An array of specialty shops provide a unique mix of arts and crafts, boutiques, entertainment, and fine restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else in Branson. If you want to discover the talents of Branson’s best craftsmen and artisans, just follow charming paths until you see them demonstrating their skills right in front of you. After appreciating on their great works, stop for delicious meals and treats, and indulge yourself and your loved one with unique gifts.

Whatever your taste, your experience at Grand Village Shops in Branson will be a unique shopping trip to remember.  The stylish shops and fine restaurants and beautiful pathways complete with fountains, greenery, and stylish architectural design make Grand Village Shops a wonderful place to visit. Here you can find unique artwork, souvenir items, gift items, clothing, and entertainment all in one place. You can also have the chance to enjoy with the indoor miniature golf course which provides an exciting afternoon activity for all visitors.

Grand Village is such a unique outdoor mall with quaint little shops that you would never think it is existing in Branson. If you visit this shopping spot during holiday season, you will see several Christmas-themed stores selling everything you would ever need to celebrate Christmas. You will also find a sports store, a toy store, and of course a gourmet food store among several others. At Kringles Christmas Store, you will find thousands of Christmas décor and unique gifts at various shops. There’s also a shop here that sells homemade soaps and some stores that sell fresh fruit, candy and nuts. This great shopping mall is definitely worth stopping by and checking out.

So, if you want to experience great shopping in Branson, don’t miss to visit the Grand Village Shops where you will find a wide range of shopping items from fashion jewelries to home decorations.

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