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How Crafts are Made

Date: 2015-09-23 12:00:00 am

How Crafts are Made


Branson Craft Mall Branson Craft Mall is a unique shopping place where you can find a wide selection of hard-to-find items and tons of locally made arts and crafts. The vast 16,000 square foot facility of Branson Craft Mall is beautifully located near the theatres and Silver Dollar City that needs to be on your list of places to go when you start touring the city. This beautiful shopping spot features over 200 vendors that display a variety of ladies apparel, quilts, leather, magnetic jewelry, silver smith, brass engraving, stained glass, basket and rug weaving, pottery, seed bead design, and much more.

At Branson Craft Mall, you get the chance to see artisans and craftsmen make their crafts right before your eyes. There is so much to enjoy and see in this craft mall from the working craftsmen and designers, beautiful home décor, handmade instruments, pottery, basket weaving, glassmaking, custom designed apparel, handmade jewelry, rug weaving, custom made instruments, snacks and goodies, musical instruments, and many more. This unique shopping mall will really keep you busy for hours.

The melodious sounds of good old fashioned music of professional musicians greet every shopper from the porch located near the entrance door. You can take a seat or dance or even ask a song request. In this craft mall you can get the opportunity to meet and talk with friendly artists and craftsmen as they do their regular work which is a good way of sharing the fun experience with the shoppers. You will also hear many behind-the-scene stories from craftsmen including details like types of materials they used in finishing the crafts and the amount of time it takes to complete each piece of artwork. You will also get to know their backgrounds that add sentimental value of the treasures you want to take home.

The locally made goodies of Hillbilly Nut & Fruit located inside the mall draws people like a magnet. Baskets and shelves are filled with a variety of locally made  products starting with freshly ground and brewed coffees, jams, jellies, juices, sauces, salsa and soup mixes to handmade fudge, freshly roasted pecans, dried fruits and cashew nuts. This fruit shop offers free samples of available products, so try it before you buy. If you like freshly prepared sandwiches and specialty soups, don’t miss the new Pickin’ Porch Deli.

Also located inside the craft mall is the Dazzle Me Designs that offer a huge display of custom designed apparel with beautiful embroidered appliqués and imported rhinestones. Here you can find appliquéd shirts with matching tank tops in various colors and rhinestone knit tops and jackets for ladies. All of the items on display in this apparel shop can be customized to suit your needs. This shop has the largest selection of “Popcorn’’ shirts in Branson.   

If you visit Branson Craft Mall for the first time, you’ve been missing a lot. And if you visit the place for the second time, be sure to look around because there’s always something new.

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