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How Does a Used Golf Ball Perform?

Date: 2018-12-21 12:00:00 am

How Does a Used Golf Ball Perform?


If you have been playing golf in Branson for a long time, you probably don’t still have much idea how does a used golf ball performs.

Used golf balls are usually retrieved from courses. Many of these used golf balls offered for sale at clubs, courses or by specialized retailers, are those which have been retrieved from lakes or other water hazards. Once these used golf balls are cleaned, they may well look and feel exactly like other used balls, and you need to be aware of its specific performance. Here you will learn something how does a used golf ball performs.

playing golf in BransonUsed balls are generally offered according to scales that are graded in descending order of quality as “mint”, “near mint”, “good” or “value.” Alternatively, used balls are classed, again in descending order as “AAAA”, “AAA”, “AA” and so on. If a used ball is described as “mint” or “AAAA”, then you might think that it’s like new, and its cosmetic aspects is almost indistinguishable from a brand new one. Some retailers, however, will place balls which carry pen markings or logos within this category.

 A “near mint” ball may also bear these kind of marks as well as some more general discoloration or scratches. When you own a used ball, it’s a matter of personal taste how much superficial imperfection you will accept in return for the cost saving these balls can offer, provided that you can be confident that the performance of the ball will not be impaired.

What to expect when hitting a used golf ball? The performance of used golf balls may perhaps be particularly pronounced when it comes to the driver, if only because increased distance off the tee is one of the key claims which manufacturers tend to stress in marketing their latest technological innovations. The tests on hitting revealed no material difference between used and new balls in launch speed, spin or “smash factor” (a clever stat that measures the efficiency with which energy is transferred from the clubhead to the ball on impact).

So how do used balls are rated against new ones in terms of performance? PluggedInGolf.Com conducted a comprehensive experiment testing several different grades of used ball against what it called the “4 Myths” – that used golf balls feel like new on impact, and also perform like new when hit with wedge, iron or driver. The conclusion was clear.

None of the myths was in fact a myth. Whatever club in the bag was used by testers, and with any of the grades of used balls tested, there was no significant impact on performance. The results were nonetheless striking. Using a wedge for 30-yard pitches, a 7 iron for full iron shots and a driver off the tee, testers could find no difference in performance data between new and used balls when averaged over 50 shots.

When playing golf in Branson, you need to know some ideas what to expect when you buy used golf balls.


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