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How Fast Can You Escape?

Date: 2017-12-15 12:00:00 am

How Fast Can You Escape?


attractions in BransonEscape Code is one of the newest attractions in Branson that offers the most thrilling adventure in town. As the first escape room in Branson, it is considered a town favorite, based on guests’ reviews. Whether you are searching or reviewing what others want to enjoy for a thrilling adventure or unsure of what kind of experience it can bring you, you and everybody on your team is sure to enjoy using each personal set of gifts and talents to help your team escape the room in time.
Escape Code is committed to maintain a fun, family-oriented game in a great environment. Every participant should arrive 15 minutes early before the game starts to attend a game briefing. Keep in mind when making your reservation because late arrival will make your reservation in jeopardy. Price per game is $27 per player. It’s free for children aged five and below. A short briefing will be conducted to let you learn the story and goal of the game, then the game will start.
As the game starts, each team is given sixty minutes to solve the mystery and escape from the room. In this thrilling game, you will find the room filled with hidden objects, codes and locks that require keys or combinations. There are crates, boxes, doors and other items that need to be opened to discover what’s in it. The things that you can find can be used to solve puzzles and move close to finding the final escape code.
These unique attractions in Branson have five kinds of games to choose that include “Condemned,” “The Arrival,” “Revenge,” “Debunked,” and “The Guest House.” The game of Condemned is played by 6 players and features thunder and lightning effects and is good for children of any age. The first minute of the game starts in darkness. Then you will find your way to escape. The game of Arrival is about what has happened at a stable in Bethlehem. Whatever happened in that place, it has angered the king. With the coming of his army, you must escape before the arrival of the soldiers.
The game of Revenge starts with handcuffed and blindfolded players whom  the menacing stranger  is not sure who wronged him. He plans to take revenge in one hour. Before it happens, you need to escape the room before it’s too late. The Debunked game starts out in partial darkness for the first minute. As you enter an abandoned military warehouse to conduct investigation, the door shuts behind you, locking you inside. You have one hour to discover and escape the room before your adversary arrives. The game of The Guest House is shrouded with mystery. As you stay at the guest house, the tenant  that occupied the place before you has disappeared without a trace.  You need to uncover her fate and if you don’t want to suffer the same, escape in one hour.
As one of the most unique attractions in Branson, Escape Code offers the most thrilling adventure where guests must escape the room in one hour.



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