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How to Strengthen Your Hands for Better Golf Grip

Date: 2019-02-01 12:00:00 am

How to Strengthen Your Hands for Better Golf Grip


When you can develop a better golf grip, it will improve your ball striking, fix your slice, make you more consistent, and it will give you an all-round better golf game.

If you want to deliver the club face square onto the ball every time, you’ll need the proper golf grip. A consistent grip is the best way to improve your ball striking. It is also vital to great golf and lower scores.  When you are playing golf in Branson, you need to learn the tips below on how to strengthen your hands for better golf grip.

playing golf in BransonEvaluate Your Current Grip

Whether you’re an amateur golfer or a seasoned pro, you need to think about your own grip. Picture yourself how you pick up your club, how do you hold it, what position are your fingers in, and how confident are you that you’re going to hit a great golf shot? You think there is room for improvement? If you think there is, then you’re ready to learn.

Grip Size

Clubs are in standardized size but it doesn’t mean they’re right for you. If you find yourself consistently pulling or slicing – despite adapting your hold – you need to consider new grips. You can seek advice from your golf club shop for a suitable size for you. It usually depends on the size and shape of your hands.


How you hold your golf club affects your game. You shouldn’t grasp your club so firmly that you’re going to burst. You are playing golf, not fighting fire, but similarly you don’t want your grip to be too light that you’ll lose control over your golf club. If you grip your club too tightly, you may find yourself delivering the heel of the club onto the ball, instead of the face. With this, it can cause inconsistent strikes and a loss of control with every club in your club. Holding the ball too tightly can make your forearms tense up. Grip the club softly but firmly. Relax your arms. Waggle the club a little. It can help shake off a little tension in the wrists and arms.

Keep Things Neutral at First

The grip and technique described here is called the ‘neutral’ grip. It’s the most common and natural way to hold a golf club. It’s important to learn this way and then, later on, when you become confident and proficient, you can learn other styles. Then you can adapt and improve your game. How much you rotate your left hand depends on the ‘strength’ of the grip. If you can see more than two knuckles on your left hand then that’s a ‘strong’ grip and it will close the club face on impact. Rotate your left hand counter-clockwise so no knuckles are visible and that’s a ‘soft’ grip.

To get a better golf grip, you need to learn how to hold right the drivers, irons, and putter as they can help you in winning the game when you are playing golf in Branson.


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