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Important Stuff Golfers Should Always Carry

Date: 2018-08-15 12:00:00 am

Important Stuff Golfers Should Always Carry


Golfers should always have the important stuff in their bags whenever they’re playing golf in Branson. Oftentimes golfers come back to get some stuff inside their bag and will only become frustrated to find nothing what he’s looking for. To avoid that to happen, you need to make a list of the important stuff that you need to put inside that golf bag. Below are some of the important stuff that you should always carry with you when playing golf in Branson.
  • playing golf in BransonAlways take with you a sunscreen in the bag. Do not mess with the sun’s harmful rays. It’s recommended that you wear it when you’re outdoors every two hours. For a round of golf that means at least once at the start and once at the turn.
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel. It’s not a kind of bath towel that you use every day. This type of towel is golf-specific – one that retains water and has a pattern that allows you to dig in and get that dirt out of your iron grooves, making your clubs and golf balls clean during the course of a round.
  • A water bottle is a must to bring. To feel safe and convenient, always take a handy bottle of water. There’s nothing worse than being dehydrated on a hot summer’s day as you make the climb up to an elevated green.
  • Always bring two golf gloves as one might rip. You may sweat through one. It might get wet when raining on the course that soaks one. Always have a dry second one for back up. There’s always room in your bag for an extra golf glove and is as light as a feather. 
  • Always have a palmful of golf tees. You should not be told to take only 2 or 3 tees, or even 5 or 10. There are stories with golfers who break tees virtually every time they use them. Many golfers prefer the plastic, unbreakable tees (they’re not really unbreakable, but close enough). Just carry enough tees so that you don’t have to ask a playing partner, “Hey, can I borrow a tee?”
  • You need to bring four coins or ball markers. Why four? One for you and one for each of the other three players in your group in case they don’t have one. There’s nothing worse than when you’re lining up that rare birdie putt only to have some in the group use a tee to mark their ball that’s halfway between your ball and the hole. Isn’t it distracting?
  • Also take with you a divot tool. Some golfers are seen fixing their ball marks with tees. That doesn’t get the job done as effectively as a dedicated divot tool.
  • Always bring 6 to 8 golf balls. This is highly recommended for your regular golf course or a course you’re familiar with. You may need more on a more difficult course. 
Playing golf in Branson can be more fun and you will always feel confident with your game if you have all the important stuff inside your golf bag.



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