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Kayak or Canoe?

Date: 2016-12-03 12:00:00 am

Kayak or Canoe?


Kayaks and canoesTaking a water adventure with a kayak or canoe at Table Rock Lake is one of the best water recreational activities in the area. Both canoes and kayaks are lightweight boats that can be powered by humans using paddles. These boats can be used for various water sports activities, such as fishing, paddling for fun on the calm waters of Table Rock Lake or drifting through the river’s current. Kayak or canoe has a couple of differences with regards to its features, look and advantages.

Fishing from a kayak has a couple of advantages over canoe. Kayak has less surface area above the waterline than a canoe or row boat, so it is easier to manage especially if there’s wind. Majority of people also use kayak because they tend to be quieter through the water than a canoe or row boat. It is not clear when a canoe should be called a kayak, although there are basic differences in design, they are both important in running them. One example is that paddlers usually sit on a seat or kneel in a canoe, whereas in a kayak, paddlers are usually seated on the bottom of the boat with their legs stretched out in front of them.

Kayaks and canoes have been around for thousands of years. In fact, the first canoes were made out from hollowed-out trees. Nowadays, canoes are constructed from fiberglass, aluminum or from other specialized materials. The shape of the hull determines its stability and maneuverability. Paddles used in canoes come in wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Kayaks were developed by the Inuit peoples of the Arctic specifically for fishing. These boats are narrower than canoes.  When it capsizes, the paddler is not thrown from the craft, allowing him to right the craft and continue paddling.

Canoes and kayaks usually have different kinds of paddles. Paddler in a canoe uses single-bladed and double-bladed in kayak. Canoes usually have an open deck which means that the inside of the boat is open and uncovered. On the other hand, kayaks are usually closed-decked which means that the inside of the boat is enclosed and surrounds the paddler. These two boats also have different purposes. Canoes are like sport-utility vehicles of the recreational boating world. They can carry more people, making them ideal for families to enjoy paddling leisurely around the lakes.

Kayaks are also more like sports cars. They have sleek designs to make them faster and ideal to use in water sports competition, such as racing and slipping through whitewater rapids. In general, kayaks are designed to travel faster and easier to maneuver than canoes. But in the hands of a professional paddlers, they can make canoes to travel as far as comparable kayaks. Kayaks are known to travel fast while canoes are known for greater stability and roominess.

So, if you want to experience an exciting recreational activity at Table Rock Lake, take a water adventure with a kayak or a canoe and enjoy the fun of paddling on the lake.

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