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Kid-Friendly Rides at the Silver Dollar City

Date: 2018-11-05 12:00:00 am

Kid-Friendly Rides at the Silver Dollar City


As one of the most popular attractions in Branson, Silver Dollar City is the best place to spend a great time with the kids as it offers many kinds of kid-friendly rides.

From mild fun to bigger thrilling rides for bigger kids, Silver Dollar City has rides that are right for every ride enthusiast. Listed below are some of the kid friendly rides that can really give you an unforgettable time in this famous 1880s style theme park in Branson.

attractions in BransonFire-in-the-Hole at Silver Dollar City is a kid-friendly ride where you’ll ride through the darkness of an Ozark night filled with mysterious sounds and mischievous deeds.  As the mischievous Baldknobbers set the town ablaze, your only escape is the fiery bridge where danger awaits. This family favorite indoor roller coaster at Silver Dollar City offers high-speed and thrilling surprises around every corner.

The Fire Wagon Frenzy at Silver Dollar City provides wholesome fun for the whole family. This wild wagon takes you up and over the ride area in a full circle – forward and backward. Guests under 36” may participate with a supervising companion.

Wildfire at Silver Dollar City is a metal coaster that gives riders the most exciting and exhilarating coaster ride and offers unparallel view of the surrounding Ozark mountains including, even for only a brief moment, a spectacular view of Table Rock Lake. This metal coaster has a speed of 66 mph and incorporates five inversions including high-speed spirals, a cobra roll, a full loop and a corkscrew after its initial vertical 15 story drop.

As one of the newest attractions in Branson, Time Traveller at Silver Dollar City is a revolutionary coaster ahead of our time. Riders will embark on the ride of a century on the World’s Fastest, Steepest & Tallest Spinning Coaster. This coaster includes a 95-foot tall vertical loop – and two launches that send riders to unprecedented speeds. As the coaster leaves the station, it will plummet 100 feet at 90 degrees straight down.

Thunderation is an outdoor steel roller coaster at Silver Dollar City that opened in 1993. It is one of Arrow Dynamics' largest and fastest mine train coasters, with a 3,000-foot-long course and a top speed of almost 50 miles per hour. This coaster makes excellent use of SDC's sloping terrain. It is like a family coaster, but still manages to pack quite a thrill for those daring ride enthusiasts.

Other kid-friendly rides at Silver Dollar City include The Grand Exposition which will let you soar, whirl and fly in a uniquely themed area reminiscent of the World’s Fairs and Exposition of the late 1800s; The Magnificent Wave Carousel will let you swing and soar up and around 40 feet in the air; and Elephant March, this adorable flying elephant will let you fly high or stay closer to the ground.

As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, Silver Dollar City is a great place for kids to spend a day of fun as it offers many kid-friendly rides.


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