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Lag Putting Drills

Date: 2018-10-29 12:00:00 am

Lag Putting Drills


For golf enthusiasts who are playing golf in Branson, it’s important for them to have some ideas on lag putting drill as it can help them avoid 3-putt in their game. Lag putting is the key to eliminating 3 putts, and it will let you learn how to increase putting feel. Without doing this, you won’t be able to stop three-putting. Golfers have an innate ability to figure out how close is the thing is to us.
Here is one of the most important lag putt drills. Take at least six golf balls and line them up keeping a distance of 8 feet between them. Then use four tees to round that hole, but place them 5 feet away from the hole. Now it’s time to cycle through every ball just to see how close it gets within that circle. This keeps all the golf balls at different distances from that hole. And this will encourage you to keep your senses engaged and guessing.
playing golf in BransonAfter practicing this, you will start to reach inside that circle more regularly. Once you achieve something like this, it’s time to shrink the circle and make another attempt. If you keep on practicing this way for one week, you will notice an improvement in lag putting. So follow this drill to avoid 3 putts.
Before you begin your round, feel free to strike at least a dozen or two lag putts. This gives you a better feel when it comes to the speed of the course. At this time, what you need to concentrate more on is the putt’s speed and getting that golf ball to stop right where you want it to. 
Another way to start your round is to strike the balls into the washtub and not the hole. You should be aiming for a bigger target as it ensures less than a 2 or 3-foot second putt. And when you’re dealing with longer putts, open up your stance maintaining a good distance from that ball. This is the time to loosen your grip on the putter.
When you want to determine how far an object is from you, use your eyes. The activity of putting is the same as tossing paper balls into the basket. You look at the distance between you and the basket and based on that; you can figure out how much force is required for the toss. So in this case, hand-eye coordination is essential.
You can also use your eyes for lag putting. You take a look at that hole to get an idea of the distance. Following which you strike a few practice hits, so your body enters the zone. With the light grip, you concentrate on not the technique but the putter speed. It’s pointless to think about the strength needed for the job. Just let your instincts guide you through the process.
Whether you’re a neophyte golfer or a pro, when you’re playing golf in Branson, you need to learn these lag putting drills so you can avoid 3-putt in your game.



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