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Laugh out Loud with Baldknobbers Jamboree Christmas Show

Date: 2017-12-01 12:00:00 am

Laugh out Loud with Baldknobbers Jamboree Christmas Show


Baldknobbers Jamboree Christmas Show is one of the most hilarious comedy shows in Branson to watch this holiday season. This is a great show where you can enjoy country music, down-home gospel, and  old-fashioned comedy. With all the wonderful features presented in the show, it’s sure to please audiences of all ages. Entertaining people in Branson since 1959, the Baldknobbers Jamboree Show will take place in the 1,500-seat Baldknobbeers Jamboree Theater. With the constant change of the show each season, there’s always something new that you can see year after year.
comedy shows in BransonThe famous Baldknobbers has brought the first music show in Branson almost six decades ago and is still bringing great music and big comedy acts to their fans. The talented members of the Mabe family – vocalists Patty, Denton, and Brandon; Brent who handles the bass and guitar; and the lovable Droopy Drawers, Jr., known as Tim Mabe, makes sure everyone enjoys to perform country hits of yesterday and today. The group also has an excellent support cast of long-time Baldknobber members Bob Leftridge, who warms up the audience with a delightful pre-show including fiddle player extraordinaire, Mike Ito.
After entertaining the folks on the shores of Lake Taneycomo in downtown Branson by the Baldknobbers in the late 50’s, they relocated to Branson’s famous Strip in the early 60’s where members of the Mabe family still keep the place. Everyone in the area during the time loves a good country song and enjoys a big belly laugh, you’ll get both in big doses at this comedy show in Branson. So, why not come and spend a little time with one of the founding family of entertainers in Branson this holiday season.
The Baldknobbers Jamboree Christmas Show is certainly a Mabe family affair composed of 2nd and 3rd generations that continue to use their crowd-pleasing talents. In this show, you’ll hear fiddles, banjoes, and guitars playing as the talented vocalists sing those timeless country classics. The comedy antics of Droopy Drawyers, Jr., Stud Meadows, and Hargus Marcel will have you rolling with laughter as they perform hilarious comedy acts. After enjoying one of the funniest comedy shows in Branson, don’t miss to stop by the gift shop and find items from some of the performers for you to take home. You can also order a video of the performance that you just saw live to show to your friends the wonderful time you had.
This amazing Christmas version of the Baldknobbers Jamboree Show in Branson brings in the season with cheer. There’s nothing like the Baldknobbers to fill you with joy during the holiday season. The show begins with a traditional set of musical numbers from the regular show, before it transitions into a magical Christmas performance, complete with classic holiday tunes, costumes for the season and dazzling holiday decorations.
As one of the best comedy shows in Branson this holiday season, Baldknobbers Jamboree Christmas Show is sure to please people of all ages.



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