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Laugh until You Drop with Jim Stafford Show

Date: 2018-05-14 12:00:00 am

Laugh until You Drop with Jim Stafford Show


Starting from April 4, 2018 at 7:30 pm through middle of December, Jim Stafford will return to the newly renovated Jim Stafford Theater to celebrate his 25th year performing in Branson, Missouri. This highly rated Branson show is a good old-fashioned musical comedy and variety show with some vaudeville thrown in. This show is sure to give fun and excitement to kids of all ages with balloons, toys, and stupid pet tricks. Jim Stafford is joined by his outstanding band to perform his favorite songs like “Spiders and Snakes” and “Cow Patti”.
Branson showsJim Stafford Show was voted Best Comedy Show, Best Entertainer, and Best Personality. This singer, songwriter, guitar virtuoso, and consummate entertainer will bring everything back to Branson stage this spring. The whole family will surely love the comedy and musical performances of Jim Stafford as the award-winning Branson show presents all of the talent. You’ll not just appreciate the outstanding performances of the talented cast, you’ll be laughing and clapping all throughout the show. For sure you haven’t seen anything like this before.
Jim is one of the most beloved and enduring entertainers in Branson, who has been entertaining audiences with his unique humor and comedy for more than two decades in the Ozarks. Jim Stafford Show is not only filled with comedy, you will see Jim playing classical guitar and a fine job of playing it. You’ll be amazed with his ability to pluck and strum the warm strings of his guitar. He also shares stories that will bring a smile to your face and a tickle to your heart. The perfect combination of music, comedy, and connection to the audience make the amazing performance one of the best Branson shows.
Jim had a humble beginning as a writer for the famous Smothers Brothers television show and went up to chart-topping hit singles. From there, he forever left a mark in show business and continues his tradition of entertainment with his shows up to this time. His songs have received recognition and radio play with their funny lines and catchy jingles which many of his fans will surely remember “Spider & Snakes,” “Cow Patti,” and “My Girl Bill,” and many more which have become popular over the years.
Jim Stafford has been entertaining audiences around the world for more than four decades, selling out shows wherever he goes. From music to comedy, Jim Stafford Show in Branson is jam-packed with high energy and music for a production that you won’t want to miss. The Jim Stafford Show is perfect for audiences of all types and ages which will make everyone laughing, singing along, and thoroughly entertained all throughout the two-hour non-stop of fun of comedy and great music. Come see for yourself why this Branson show is a must-see while you are in town.
When Jim Stafford will return to the newly renovated Jim Stafford Theater in Branson this spring, he will bring everything back to the stage a high-energy comedy and music that you won’t want to miss.



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