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Learn and Have Fun, Inside the Titanic Museum

Date: 2017-05-30 07:00:00 pm

Learn and Have Fun, Inside the Titanic Museum Titanic Museum is one of the most visited Branson attractions where you can see great display of over 400 artifacts and countless exhibits. As one of the largest museums in the world, the Titanic Museum provides visitors the opportunity to learn the tragic maiden voyage of RMS Titanic that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. The museum is a replica of the ill-fated ocean liner that can easily catch the attention of visitors with its bow ripping the chilly ocean water. The Titanic Museum offers every guest more than just a typical museum, featuring souvenir items, offering different activities like walking the grand staircase, the hallways, first class cabins, the bridge, and even touching an iceberg.
This amazing Branson attraction offers guests interactive experience with a tribute to passengers and crew who perished when the ship sunk during its maiden voyage. This family friendly museum offers an enchanting two-hour walk-through experience that you’ll not forget. This enchanting Branson attraction is continuously receiving positive reviews and has been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. This wonderful Branson attraction also hosts special events throughout the year, so it’s always interesting to visit the museum anytime where brave men, women, and children of the ill-fated ship are greatly honored.
The museum had the privilege also to display the most impressive artifact that come from the RMS Titanic until May 29, 2016, the violin played by Bandmaster Wallace Hartley. The violin is a gift from his fiancé, where a plaque is affixed to the tailpiece of the precious instrument. The museum also pays tribute to the musicians who perished from that sea tragedy with a display of a replica of a grand piano and reproduced images of the musicians.
During the World Exclusive Exhibit at the Titanic Museum in 2016, it displayed the only bible that survived from the sinking of the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. Best known as the Titanic Bible, that King James version bible belonged to Rev. Robert J. Bateman, founder of the People’s Tabernacle Church in Knoxville, TN. At the time of the tragic incident of RMS Titanic, Rev. Bateman handed the bible to his sister-in-law, Ada Ball before she boarded the lifeboat. On her safe return, Ada handed the bible to her sister, Emily, Bateman’s wife.
During Emily’s final days, the bible was given to Dr. Harry Upperman from the Baxter Seminary in Baxter, Tennessee. Many of the 2,208 passengers and crew aboard the Titanic were mostly Christians carrying personal bibles with them. But when the ship sank, only one out of the hundreds of bibles was saved. Kellogg Joslyn, co-owner of the Titanic Museum says, “It’s an amazing, spiritual story that we’re honored and proud to share with our guests when they reach the Memorial Room where this priceless bible is enshrined.”
Before the tragic incident of the RMS Titanic, Bateman was in England and stayed for a couple of months. But then he booked a second class accommodation on the Titanic, deciding to return to Jacksonville to continue his work. Bateman must have felt some premonition that he might not reach New York. The postcard he mailed in Queenstown, Ireland where the ship docked, told his nephew: “Tom, if this ship goes to the bottom, I shall not be there, I shall be up yonder, Think of it!” His thoughts seemed to be incredible as the Titanic was widely known as an unsinkable ship.
As visitor to the museum, you can have the opportunity to step into the Captain’s bridge and get the chance to learn how to send an SOS signal and see equipments such as the steering wheel, the mapping table, and the compass. The museum also features ‘TotTanic’ ship simulation where you can have the opportunity to use a real ship-steering wheel and telemotor that are similar to those used on the actual Titanic ship. This interactive experience will be felt around the last 37 seconds before the ship hit the iceberg. The purpose of the simulation is to avoid the iceberg by using both the steering wheel and telemotor to turn the ship to avoid the impact.
Branson attractionsThe Titanic Museum has a memorial wall that features the names of 2,208 Titanic passengers and their stories. Out of the total passengers, 133 of them were children. Their experiences, thoughts, and feelings are recreated in the remarkable display of countless exhibits and artifacts. The museum also features a gallery that houses over 400 personal items from passengers. These items have been on display for the first time ever in the museum.
The entire collection of artifacts including personal items from the passengers is valued at over $4.5 million. The most interesting part on your visit to the Titanic Museum is the opportunity to touch the 28 degree waters, an iceberg, and shovel “coal” in the boiler room of the ship. As the ship is sinking, you can experience the sloping of the deck and the lifeboat boarding.
The Titanic Museum also features a gift shop where you can enjoy unique shopping with souvenir items that are mostly related to historical treasure and priceless artifacts of RMS Titanic. Explore the Titanic Store if you want to own some of the exceptional replicas of select artifacts, collectibles, giftware, and jewelries. Get the chance to own collectibles such as Titanic Coal, Titanic Newspapers, Titanic Coins, and Titanic Ship Replicas. You will also see great finds inside the store Titanic Men’s Apparel, Titanic Ladies’ Apparel, and Titanic Youth Apparel.
It’s also a great idea to grab some Tote Bags that include RMS Titanic Crew Roll Tote Bag priced at $15.00, Titanic Fleece Tote Bag priced at $30.00, and a healthy Titanic Tea 20 Count Sachet priced at $18.00. The store also features a great display of Titanic Authentic Coal that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each of the authentic coal was recovered from the salvage dive brought to the surface in 1994.
These authentic coal shopping items include 1’’ Coal Hoop Earrings Silverto, Authentic Coal Ship’s Wheel Ornament, 3D Ship with Titanic Coal, Authentic Coal Cage Necklace, Authentic Titanic Coal Keyring, Limited Edition Boarding Card Plaque, Coal and Glass Paperweight, RMS Titanic Authentic Coal 4” Houseglass, RMS Titanic Goldtone Earrings with Genuine Coal, RMS Titanic Double Frame, and RMS Titanic Silvertone Frame with Genuine Coal. Prices of these items with authentic coal range from $10.00 to $75.00.
The store also features great display of Titanic Books such as “The Sinking of the Titanic,” “Titanic 1912 Facts,” “Titanic Memorabilia Collection,” “Titanic Survivor – Violet Jessop,” and “Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy Book.” You will also find great display at the store Titanic Novelty items that include Boarding Pass Water Bottle, Titanic 500pc Puzzle, Titanic Captain Smith 8” Plus Bear, Titanic Coal Keyring Ship, and Titanic Class Circle Ornament. Also displayed in the store are some of Titanic Replica Chinas that include 1st Class Cup Saucer with Real Gold Decal, 1st Class Salt & Pepper Set with 4k Decal, 1st Class Teapot, 3rd Class China Replica Dinner Plate, 3rd Class Replica China Coffee Mug, and Titanic Replica Ceramic Toothpaste  jar.
The Titanic Museum is a wonderful attraction in Branson where you can learn the story of the famous ship through countless exhibits and huge collection of artifacts.



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