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Let's Go to an Adventure to North Pole!

Date: 2018-12-22 12:00:00 am

Let's Go to an Adventure to North Pole!


The North Pole Adventure at Shepherd of the Hills is one of the most exciting holiday attractions in Branson where you’ll find it amusing when you see Santa and celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.

holiday attractions in BransonThis is a fascinating all new family experience that will take you through thousands of twinkling lights, hot chocolate stands and artisan crafts. You will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at the Busy Elves in the “Wish List Workshop” and “Stardust Stables.” You’ll have a great time if you play at the “Tree Top Lot-A-Maze-ing Fun,” and the “Ho Ho Ho 200 Feet Up We Go,” for the tallest Santa Claus Visit in the country.

A fun time experience for Christmas in Branson, North Pole Adventure is great for families and folks of all ages as they enjoy a leisurely walk-through in a beautifully adorned landscape with thousands upon thousands of glittering lights. You’ll find it more exciting as you see craft vendors, hot chocolate stands, and several of Santa’s Elves.

Your visit to the legendary Shepherd of the Hills this Christmas season will not be complete without seeing the big man himself. Get to discover Santa Claus as you take the “Ho Ho Ho 200 Feet Up We Go” trip to the top of the Inspiration Tower. You’re sure to enjoy the fun and excitement as you see jolly Ol’ Saint Nick up high in the sky with his toy-filled sleigh.

Another great way to enjoy the holiday season at the Shepherd of the Hills is a celebration of Christmas with Santa and Pancakes. As the Shepherd of the Hills homestead is magically transformed into the North Pole, you’ll feast on a pancake breakfast with all the toppings and trimmings. This is a good opportunity to watch Santa, Mrs. Claus, Santa’s helpers, and the elves as they prepare for the big night with all sorts of holiday thrill that’s sure to delight and tickle the funny bone of every visitor.

This holiday season brings to mind the importance of preserving the history and time-honored family traditions. There’s no better place to celebrate the season than at the Shepherd of the Hills when it brings a new production A Shepherd’s Christmas Carol. Invited guests will enjoy a full course turkey dinner with pumpkin dessert while they present their version of a true Christmas classic starring your favorite characters from the story The Shepherd of the Hills.

In addition to this famous holiday attraction in Branson, you’ll get to experience also Branson’s original, longest running drive-through light display of Trail of Lights at the Shepherd of Hills. With wonderful displays and animated figures, this drive-through attraction in Branson is like no other. This great holiday display has been the most popular and most visited Christmas light drive-through in Branson for 29 years.

As one of the most popular holiday attractions in Branson, The North Pole Adventure at the Shepherd of the Hills is a great way to see Santa and celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.


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