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Let's Travel to the North Pole!

Date: 2019-11-11 12:00:00 am

Let's Travel to the North Pole!


If you are looking for an amazing way to celebrate the holiday season in Branson, try the North Pole Adventure at the Shepherd of the Hills.

As one of the Christmas attractions in Branson, the North Pole Adventure will provide so much joy and fun to visitors of all ages as it brings the true spirit of Christmas. As you participate in the adventure, you will get to see Santa and his elves, walk in a lighted path filled with Christmas trees and thousands of twinkling Christmas lights, visit a petting zoo, compete in fun mini-golf, and even join in a fun maze.

This amazing Christmas attraction in Branson which can be found at the Shepherd of the Hills is a great way to enjoy tons of Christmas-themed activities. This family walkthrough adventure will take you on a journey through thousands of dazzling lights, hot chocolate stands, and unique crafts.

As you take the North Pole Adventure, you’ll get the chance to get an up-close look at the busy elves in the “Wishlist Workshop and Stardust Stables”. You can have the chance also to play together at the “Tree Top Lot-A-Maze-ing Fun,” and “Ho Ho Ho 200 Feet Up We Go,” and experience the tallest Santa Claus visit in the country.

North Pole Adventure at the Shepherd of the HillsYou will find it fantastic also to celebrate the spirit of the season at Christmas Court at Shepherd of the Hills. Here you will see thousands of traditional lights in green, red, and white illuminate the streets, buildings, and half-century-old trees that provide a warm welcome of the Christmas season at the Shepherd of the Hills. You will be amazed to see many store windows and doors adorned with “fresh cut” garlands and wreaths, while lit candles emit crisp pine-scented breeze.

At the Jingle Junction, you will experience a winter wonderland of play and adventure with mini-golf, fun barn hay maze, treehouse village, little elves obstacle course, children’s Christmas crafts, petting zoo, and much more. When you approach the Ticket Town, that is a place where your journey begins, buy a ticket, and start your North Pole Adventure. At the entrance gate, you will see magical elf guardians man the golden gates to give safe passage to visitors making their way for a memorable North Pole Adventure.

As you continue your North Pole Adventure, you will see Old Matt’s Cabin that creates the backdrop to 100 Shepherd Hook Lanterns as part of the North Pole Adventure Tour. This Lantern World is powered by elves that creates a reflective scene for the holiday season. The iconic Old Matt’s Cabin will shine in a lighted wash of amber that reminds its humble beginnings. The fiddle playing of Silent Night can be heard from within, as you continue down the cobbled path.

As you continue your journey, you’ll come up with the Stardust Saw Mill & Snowflake Hill and see elf engineers working hard to perfect the process. The mill makes a new wood-based snowflake that is undergoing LED lighting upgrades. You will see more than fifty life-size snowflakes dot the hillside and dance to the holiday tunes and a giant display of 4 feet high by 42 feet long “Merry Christmas” standing guard at the peak of the hill.

As you approach the Tree Top Lot, you will truly feel that the spirit of the Christmas season comes alive. You feel like stepping back in time as you make your way through an elaborate lighted Tree Lot Maze. Tour participants work together to find their way while elf decorators will guide for those who can’t find their way out. This Tree Top Lot is fun for everyone and is definitely a must-try adventure.

As you continue your adventure, you will navigate your way past Giant Snowflakes, Reinder, Santa’s Sleigh and thru a Christmas Tree Lot Maze as you make your way to North Pole Tower. The tower offers High Adventure Ropes Course and Sky Rail Zipline. At the North Pole Tower, you can take a ride to the top of the North Pole to visit Santa and his elves. As you depart the North Pole Tower, you will see a path that meanders through dozens of lighted Christmas Trees and will lead you to the beginning of your North Pole Adventure.

As you bid farewell the fascinating Christmas attraction in Branson, you’re sure to take with you great memory of the wonderful adventure that you have enjoyed at the Shepherd of the Hills.


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