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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Date: 2015-10-16 12:00:00 am

Life Cycle of a Butterfly


Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure is one of Branson attractions that offers a unique and spectacular display of white butterflies and hundreds of poinsettias that combine magical snowflakes and twinkling lights. While you are spending a wonderful visit at the Butterfly Palace, you will get the chance to see a 3D movie that tells about the butterfly’s life cycle that kids will surely enjoy. The Life Cycle of a Butterfly involves four separates stages that start from eggs and will grow to become a caterpillar, then a Chrysalis or the pupa, and will finally become a butterfly.

life cycle of a butterfly The first stage of butterfly’s life cycle consists the laying of eggs of female butterfly and attaches them to leaves. The worm-like stage of the butterfly is the caterpillar that eats the leaves and will start to grow. When the caterpillar has fully grown, it forms a chrysalis or pupa and the change takes place and transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly. The butterfly then emerges out from the pupa that completes the life cycle of a butterfly. Knowing about the life cycle of a butterfly is fun and exciting for everhone. If you want to find the four life stages of a butterfly, try to explore nature where you will know the wonder of the life of a butterfly.

In the garden of the Butterfly Palace, you can see many beautiful butterflies in variable colors. The most fascinating you can see in the garden is the living statue that moves very slowly and sometimes would extend her hand for a butterfly to land. The White Flight is a spectacular event in the Butterfly Palace that comprises  50 to 60 different species of tropical white butterflies that include “Paper Kite Butterfly’’ commonly called as the “Rice Paper Butterfly’’ and the Orange Tip. The butterflies that are displayed in the palace are transported by air express in the chrysalis or pupa stage from tropical rain forests. When these butterflies emerge from the cocoon, they are released to the exhibit where they live out on average three-week life span in a free environment.

The White Flight attraction starts in the theater with the viewing of a film of interesting 15-minute movie on the life of a rain forest butterfly. After the showing of the movie, guests will then go to the aviary where they can get up close and personal with thousands of butterflies. The angels present a picture of beauty and peace that moves slowly and subtly come to life.

The spectacular “White Flight’’ attraction in the palace that features thousands of white butterflies, fantastic music, and the living angel statues, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can enjoy in the Butterfly Palace. The added attraction of the aviary at the Butterfly Palace features a beautiful decoration of a number of poinsettias and other colorful flowers.      

Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure is one of the most interesting Branson attractions that offers visitors the opportunity to know the life cycle of a butterfly on a 3D movie.

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