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Magically Funny!

Date: 2016-11-04 12:00:00 am

Magically Funny!


Taylor Reed’s Magic and ComedyMagic shows in Branson are some of the most exciting shows that are sure to amaze everyone. Taylor Reed’s Magic and Comedy Show at Jim Stafford Theatre is a magical journey which features a mix of comedy, original story lines and colorful set of original and intriguing time of magic and laughs. Taylor Reed is a master illusionist that will push you at the edge of your seat as he performs magic and illusions you have never seen before. With over four decades of experience, Taylor will entertain you with his magic tricks and masterful illusions that will leave you amazed and entranced.

This magic and comedy show of Taylor Reed at Jim Stafford Theatre is enhanced by brilliant costumes, wonderful sets, fun story lines, and musical elements, and even a little poodle that assists with some of the tricks. This high energy show will delight audiences of all ages, making this unique magic show for families as well as couples. Taylor has now made Branson his home where he performed as a magician and illusionist for the past several years. This magic show in Branson is such a fascinating event that you don’t want to miss while you are having a wonderful vacation in this live entertainment capital of the world.

Taylor Reed have performed for sold out crowds during his travel to many places in the country for over 15 years. The amazing magician and illusionist has received numerous awards from Branson Missouri Daily Independent to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Taylor has performed on stage with Roy Head, Chubby Checker, Jim Ed Brown, Freddy Fender, Bill ‘Crash’ Craddock and Selena. He has also performed for celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Sylvester Stallone, Bridgette Nielson, Tony Danza, Bobby Brown and Carrot Tap just to name a few.

As you watch the Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed at the Jim Stafford Theatre in Branson, you’ll get to see amazing magical performances, a breathtaking fire eating performance, and Taylor’s menagerie of furry friends. This unique magic and comedy show offers mesmerizing illusions and tricks that are both fascinating and amusing for guests of all ages. Watching this magic show, gives you the opportunity to enjoy great music performances, exciting costumes, a funny dog that assists Taylor with his magic tricks, fun surprises, and a team full of energy and enthusiasm.

When Taylor Reed performs magic and comedy, he usually involves his audience throughout the whole show in an interactive manner, especially young audience. Many of the tricks and illusions that Taylor performs can really make every audience go wow and amazed. Everything about the magic and comedy show of Taylor Reed is phenomenal. Many of the audiences are invited to join the show and even young children love getting to participate. After the show, the audience can have the opportunity to meet Taylor Reed for signing autograph.

Taylor Reed’s Magic and Comedy is one of the most unique magic shows in Branson which offers mesmerizing illusions and tricks that are sure to amaze every audience.

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