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Meet and Greet with the Great Cats

Date: 2018-09-28 12:00:00 am

Meet and Greet with the Great Cats


The National Tiger Sanctuary is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson where you can have the opportunity to meet and greet the lovely big cats. This popular attraction in Branson is the only facility in the Ozarks that houses exotic creatures in a natural habitat. 
This sanctuary of the big cats provides a safe and stress-free refuge to several species that include an African Lion, Black Leopard, a Bengal Tiger, and several Siberian/Bengal Tigers as well as animals of mixed-species. Once you are inside the National Tiger Sanctuary, you can visit the big cats and get up close just three feet away from where you stand. The sanctuary also offers special tours where you can have the opportunity to feed the big cats yourself.
attractions in BransonThe sanctuary offers various wildlife refuge tours on site where you can have the chance to feed the animals in the first USDA-approved facility in the country that allows the public to feed the big cats. This once-in-a-lifetime tour experience at the wildlife refuge allows you to see firsthand the way the cats are cared for and fed. 
The tours at the National Tiger Sanctuary are all guided and run three times daily. You will get to see how the food for the big cats is prepared, a chance to assist in the feeding process, and watch as they enjoy their meal.
As a non-profit organization, the National Tiger Sanctuary functions as a rescue facility and currently cares about 24 big cats, including white and orange tigers and mountain lion. This tiger sanctuary offers both informative and educational approach to visitors and brings awareness to the environmental conditions and effects on the ecosystem. 
This facility was established in 2000 to create a protected environment giving a safe natural habitat to diverse exotic creatures. Donations and support from private individuals and other institutions have helped the sanctuary to continue their mission.
This fascinating attraction in Branson also provides interns from many parts of the world giving them the opportunity to study these exotic animals inside the facility of the National Tiger Sanctuary. Many of these interns come to offer volunteer work. The goal of the sanctuary is not just to provide a safe home to our furry friends, through information and education it provides, it can give a positive impact on the ecosystems and the environment.
As you tour the facility, you will see the exotic and beloved animals roam freely inside the sanctuary. See their natural instincts, their behaviors, and their adaptability to nature as compared to caged animals. Inside the sanctuary, you can have the chance to feed the animals through a specially-designed tube and watching them move in a distinctive behavior. The safety of all visitors is a top priority in the sanctuary, so it is not permitted to pet these animals or get too close to them.
The National Tiger Sanctuary is a fascinating attraction in Branson where you can see several exotic creatures such as African Lion, Black Leopard, Bengal Tiger, and several Siberian Tigers.



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