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More Tips on Winter Fishing in Branson

Date: 2018-01-05 12:00:00 am

More Tips on Winter Fishing in Branson


Branson outdoorsBranson outdoors can be enjoyed at any time of year in the Trilakes area as it’s in this place where you can find many water sports activities. Winter fishing is becoming one of the most popular water sports activities in Branson because the water temperature on the lake isn’t so cold. As the year comes to an end, anglers will see big changes in the water temperatures and weather conditions in the Trilakes area. At the beginning of December, you can still catch fish on the shallow water in their late fall pattern. In the middle of December, fish start to move out to their winter habitat in deep waters.
If you don’t go out fishing this winter because of the cold temperatures, then you may be missing out to catch plenty of fish and the opportunity to enjoy great Branson outdoors . While most anglers think that water temperatures in the last two months of winter season are too frigid to catch fish, it is actually one of the best times of the year to catch many kinds of fish, as well as the biggest fish in the lake. During these months, water temperatures averages between the mid to upper 30s and the low to mid 40s.
When you fish during winter time, use jerkbaits. Also referred to as stickbaits by some people, jerkbaits are long, slender treble-hooked baits that are lethal to bass even in the coldest months of the year. Everyone uses jerkbaits in the winter time and, as the name implies, you jerk, wait a second, or 15 seconds, and repeat. The colder the water the slower you work the bait. Some anglers will wait up to a minute in between jerks.
When the water temperatures drop into the mid to low 40s, the suspending jerkbait bite starts to fire up. When fishing with a suspending jerkbait, it is vital to pay attention to how fast you are working the bait. A general rule is the colder the water the longer you need to pause between jerks. More often the difference between getting no bites and catching a limit is the difference of letting the bait set for 20 seconds between jerks. Don’t let the cold temperatures keep you off the water in December, make sure to bundle up and prove to yourself that you can have the best days of winter fishing in Branson.
During the winter season the temperatures aren’t cold enough to cause freezing on the lake’s surface providing anglers year-round fishing. Winter time is the best time to fish when seasonal anglers do not frequent the lake. Seasonal anglers prefer not to fish in the colder temperatures as some of them do not have the knowledge to catch bass in the colder water. Not known to many that the most productive method for bass fishing on the lake is during winter season.
Winter fishing is a great way to enjoy Branson outdoors, as this water activity allows you to see many picturesque views around the Trilakes area.


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