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Music, Comedy, and Lyrics: Welcome to Billy Dean Show

Date: 2019-03-29 12:00:00 am

Music, Comedy, and Lyrics: Welcome to Billy Dean Show


Billy Dean is scheduled to perform live in Branson on May 18, 2019, at 7:00 pm at the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre.

As one of the most anticipated shows in Branson, Billy Dean Show will bring music, comedy, and lyrics. As a country music singer, Billy Dean has created over 20 billboard hits since he started singing in the 1990s. If you are a fan of country music, don’t miss to stop by the show and listen to the high country music songs as the country singer performs his best during this limited engagement show in Branson.

The Grammy Award winner Billy Dean will bring to Branson stage some of his hit singles that include ‘Only Here For a Little While,’ and ‘You Don’t Count the Cost.’ The Billy Dean show in Branson provides audiences with the unique repertoire of an artist that rises above genres and attracts young and old music lovers. The simple and warm nature of music of Billy Dean shows his talent where it takes you through all of his country hits that also include ‘Only The Wind,’ ‘It’s What I Do,’ and ‘Buy Me a Rose’ and many more during his amazing show. Billy Dean’s show in Branson is filled with country, comedy, lyrics and awesome laughter that everyone in the audience will truly enjoy.

Billy Dean was only eight years old when he was playing with the band called The Country Rock that his father founded. Throughout his high school years, Billy has decided to continue his musical interests, touring to many local clubs and playing with the band that his father owned. Dean had made to the finals on the Wrangler Country Stars Search when he was only 20 years old. Then he gained national popularity after winning Male Vocalist on Star Search. In 1989, he signed a contract with EMI Music and SBK Records. He then got his first single chart debut with the title ‘Only Here for a Little While’ the following year 1990.

shows in BransonBilly Dean has been entertaining country music fans for years with his songs, including the song “Somewhere in My Broken Heart” that gave him a Grammy nomination and a Song of the Year Award from the Academy Country Music (ACM). Billy also received a Participant’s Grammy for his contribution to “Amazing Grace – A Country Salute to Gospel,” and has piled up other accolades that include another ACM award and two Country Music Association awards. The enchanting personality and good looks of Billy Dean have kept him busy beyond the recording studio and concert stage.

The award-winning singer has sold over 4 million albums, eleven top 10 singles, and five No. 1 hits. He was also voted Top New Male Vocalist of the Year by CMA. He has also recorded a total of eight studio albums where the first three are Certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Billy has also earned other awards including Grammy Awards for Academy of Country Music Song of the Year ‘Somewhere in My Broken Heart’; country tribute ‘Amazing Grace’; Country Music Television Rising Star Award; and Nashville Songwriters Association International Song of the Year.

The rich vocals and mellow tunes of Billy Dean plus that accompanying reflective lyrics make his show where everyone in the audience can relate and appreciate. Billy Dean Show in Branson is sure to entertain audiences from beginning to end. When the talented comedian and drummer Jarrett Dougherty joined the show in 2014, he quickly became popular with his comedic and musical talents. You’ll enjoy with the hilarious antics of Dougherty throughout the show as he fills the theatre with unrestrainable outbursts of laughter. He will wipe away the stressful day of every audience with his easygoing style of entertaining and comedic acts.

With the addition of beloved comedian Jarrett Dougherty at the Billy Dean show in Branson, the show will move up to another level with Jarett on board. The new characters of Jarrett that include an enormous Billy Dean superfan and a rustic cowpoke and the over-zealous security guard will add a hilarious dimension to Billy Dean’s exciting music and stage production. The comedic combination between befuddled straight-man Dean and the slapstick caricatures played by Dougherty make the show genuinely awesome.

So, if you are a fan of country music, don’t miss to watch the one-night-only performance of Billy Dean show in Branson and see this country singer performs his best at the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre.


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