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National Tiger Sanctuary: How it All Began?

Date: 2018-03-14 12:00:00 am

National Tiger Sanctuary: How it All Began?


The National Tiger Sanctuary is one of the most popular Branson attractions where you can have the opportunity to get up close with the most feared animals. The sanctuary offers different tours giving you  the chance to discover the big cats in a safe and protected environment and see for yourself an array of critters including tigers, panthers, lions, and mountain lions just to name a few. As you tour the facility, you will get to know how the tigers are cared for and fed. You will also see them play with pumpkins and barrels, nurture their young, and eat the food as they rip through bones.
It was in early 1990s that Keith Kindade and Judy McGee had the chance to visit a sanctuary and saw animals dwelt in small cages with concrete floors and no enrichment. They knew the animals deserved better and immediately they offered assistance to the sanctuary. Keith and Judy have provided funds to the sanctuary for many years, and eventually they were asked to serve on the board. Sadly, they never see any improvements of the sanctuary despite their efforts and financial assistance. They knew it was wrong to support the facility that don’t give much priority to the animals, so they resigned from the board and withdrew their support.
When their first attempt to help the big cats was not successful, Keith and Judy sought out another facility that was rescuing animals. They helped to construct new habitats, gave monthly financial support, and regularly cared sick cats. As their relationship with the facility evolved, they discovered that this facility also did not have the best interest for the cats. As a result, they finally decided to found their own non-profit, rescue organization for big cats.
Branson attractionsIn 2000, the National Tiger Sanctuary was founded. The two had many important values they wanted to be at the forefront of their non-profit organization. First, they wanted to ensure that public education is a key component of their mission. They recognized education as an important tool for improving conditions for animals in the wild and in captivity. Aside from providing education to visitors about the big cats, they also wanted to teach about environment conditions affecting the earth’s ecosystems and solutions that can benefit all species of life. By giving importance to the environment, the big cats or any other critters may have a chance of long-term survival.
With a strong educational foundation, Keith and Judy aspired to build an organization that kept the animals’ needs at the forefront of every decision no matter what the cost is. With their principles and preservation through educational and exemplary care for animals, National Tiger Sanctuary was created. Although it might seem that they found it hard to pursue their goal, they succeeded in building a non-profit organization.
National Tiger Sanctuary is one of the most visited Branson attractions founded by Keith Kindade and Judy McGee to help improve the conditions of the big cats.



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