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Nothing But Pure Comedy

Date: 2016-03-08 12:00:00 am

Nothing But Pure Comedy


The Historic Owen Theatre is the first theatre in Branson built in 1935 by former Branson Mayor Jim Owen. The theatre has been a popular draw in the entertainment world since it was established. During that time the theatre served as a movie house, church, playhouse, auction house and meeting hall. Historic Owen Theatre has been visited by Hollywood stars like Gene Autry, Charleston Heston, and many others. For the last 13 years, the theatre has been the home of many great shows that include Hank and Patsy Together Again, Breakfast with Mark Twain, Elvis Sings Country, The Ladies of Motown, Branson Blues Late Night, and Branson’s Ultimate Elvis Contest.

Historic Owen Theatre This historic theatre marked the beginning of the tourism boom that Branson would experience and has continued to host various entertainment productions from plays to movies for almost eighty years. By retaining its good charm and appeal, the theatre continued to become a popular playhouse and live theatre over the years. Today, its interior and exterior appearance reflects a unique blend of historic intrigue and admiration. With its continuous hosting of a variety of performances to this day, it’s one of the most unique and patronized entertainment venues in Branson.

A Neil Diamond Tribute is just one of popular shows at the Historic Owen Theatre that brings you the only romantic comedy show in Branson. The Diamond image of Keith Allynn will astound audience as he portrays the life and history of Neil Diamond. In this one-man show, Keith Allynn puts the historic theatre into producing a very entertaining show without a band or backup singers. As Keith performs in a track with instrumentals, he sings while telling Neil’s story and also weaving his own into it.

The astounding performance of Keith Allynn in the Neil Diamond Tribute Show will not be complete without a comedy show. As Keith started in comedy, he makes sure that you laugh as much as you clap your hands. Before he performs on stage, there is a 30 minute pre-show where he gets around to see the audience and he literally gets to know the audience. While in some shows you may feel like you’ve been sitting for the whole show by tracking it, here you will lose track of time. After the show, Keith always says goodbye to each individual he sees in the lobby.

Pure Comedy Show is another beautiful show at the Historic Owen Theatre that presents only pure comedy. Better known as The White Collar Comedy Group, the show features the comedy performances of Johnny Pinney, Keith Allynn, Debi Diamond, and Ed and Karen Underwood. Another amazing show featured at Historic Owen Theatre is the “Carpenters Once More’’ Show. Come hear the titallating voice of Diana Lynn as she performs in this another first run Branson tribute show.

The Historic Owen Theatre in Branson is a perfect place to spend the evening if you are looking for a real comedy show that will make you laugh as much as you clap your hands.

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