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Party with the Dinosaurs

Date: 2018-02-05 12:00:00 am

Party with the Dinosaurs


attractions in BransonThe Dinosaur Museum at Hwy 76 is one of the most interesting attractions in Branson where you can enjoy an awesome tour with the prehistoric animals. Inside the museum, kids don’t just learn about the characteristics of dinosaur and its history, they can also celebrate their birthday with the whole family and friends. As you spend a wonderful visit to the Dinosaur Museum in Branson, you will travel back in time in just a few steps and see all life sized dinosaur replicas, fossils, and experience a scary situation.
As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, the Dinosaur Museum is where you can get up close and personal with the small four-winged microrapter, a one-foot tall dinosaur. It is considered the most abundant of non-bird dinosaurs. The largest display in the museum which is tyrannosaurus rex, is everyone’s favourite and is fondly referred to as TRex, a beast with a huge skull, balanced by a long and heavy tail. This perfectly constructed gigantic creature is exquisitely detailed, that you can imagine they’ll come to life at any moment. The great works are courtesy of talented paleoartists who used actual dinosaur bones to mold incredible body form.
At Dinosaur Museum, you can spend as much time as you wish with the prehistoric friends. When you start to roam the museum on a self-guided tour, you will see detailed information of each dinosaur on display to give you ideas about their habits, their scientific name, and more. Touring the museum is a good opportunity because you will learn how incredibly different they are as compared to today’s animals. As you tour around the museum, you’ll discover plant-eating dinosaurs – herbivores, and meat-eating animals – carnivores. You’ll find more inside such as fascinating fossil exhibit, a souvenir from the gift shop that you can take home, a learning center, and an area to hold a birthday party especially for kids.
As one of the most amazing attractions in Branson, Dinosaur Museum has the largest collections of prehistoric animals in the world. As you take a self-guided tour through various entertaining and educational exhibits, you will be able to view flying creatures, giant sea lizards as well as replica skeletons, skulls, and bones of some of the most famous dinosaurs. Kids can also enjoy hands-on activities inside the museum such as watching educational HD movies show in the on-site theatre, coloring stations, fossil dig, books, and more.
Each room inside the Dinosaur Museum is furnished with LCD screens with narration explaining what the dinosaur could actually do or not. “Scavenger Hunt Quiz” is another great feature in the museum which gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about dinosaurs. The T-Rex is one of the highlights in the museum and is considered king of dinosaurs and king of meat eaters which could mean “tyrant lizard king”.
The Dinosaur Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Branson where you can see the replicas of monstrous pre-historic creatures that once roamed the earth millions of years ago.



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