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Pave Your Way to Stardom with Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf

Date: 2017-03-05 12:00:00 am

Pave Your Way to Stardom with Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf


Branson attractionsThe 18-hole mini golf course at the Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf gives you the chance to experience on how to be a Hollywood star. Beautifully located near the Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and Castle of Chaos across the Starlite Theatre on Highway 76, Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf is more than just putt-putt golf, it’s a themed interactive golf experience.

Playing mini golf is a great way to spend time with the family as you can help each other with your aim, while enjoying a friendly competition at the same time. It’s also a fun way for kids to improve the game, and see themselves perform better at every stroke. The golf course itself is beautiful, and give you lots of fun photo opportunities. Here, you can have the utmost fun with interesting tidbits about the entertainment industry, as well as trying to improve your game with a goal to get a high score.   


As one of the most unique Branson attractions in the Ozarks, Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf gives you the opportunity to act like a star at the Hollywood Entertainment Center. Enjoy the landmarks of Hollywood including Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Capital Records building, shops on Rodeo Drive, and the Hollywood Bowl. You can play mini golf around and through palm trees, parties and paparazzi and discover tips about becoming a star at every hole. With the All Access Pass that will you get, it gives you access to Hollywood Wax Museum, Castles of Chaos, Maze of Mirrors and Shoot For The Stars Mini Golf.

At Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf, you’ll be charged $600 by your hairdresser for your coif, a limo driver will carry your bags on Rodeo Drive, and the paparazzi awaits your arrival at VIP events. Besides playing a fun mini golf game with the 18-hole course, you’ll become a Hollywood star right in the heart of Branson. From being discovered as a star on Hollywood Boulevard, your wisecracking agent, Marty McBooster will guide you on the course with hilarious words of advice at each hole. As you make your way toward the final golfing challenge at the Walk of Fame, you’re sure to get lots of star-quality photo ops. It’s truly a complete fun for all ages.

As you go around the Hollywood themed mini golf course, Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf lets you enjoy the fun with friends and family. This mini golf course is perfect for everyone, and let you feel like a star without having to travel to Hollywood. In a typical style of Branson, the big Oscar statues resemble the real ones. Everything gives the feeling of the real Hollywood, intermixed with fake palm trees and some goofball figures of Hollywood types.

Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf is one of the most fascinating Branson attractions that can let you feel like a Hollywood star as you putt your way on the course.

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