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Planning a Golf Outing?

Date: 2016-12-28 12:00:00 am

Planning a Golf Outing?


golf clubsIf you are planning for a golf outing for your family, try Thousand Hills Golf Resort as it is home to the most popular 18-hole golf course in Branson. Many pro golfers including neophyte golfers choose Thousand Hills golf course in Branson for their golf retreats and outings year after year. The popularity of this golf course in Branson is what it takes to ensure a successful and memorable golf event that is affordable for everyone. The golf course has the ability to customize any package to fit your individual needs. Whether you have a large group of golfers or just a few friends on a golf outing, Thousand Hills golf course is the ideal choice for you.

In Branson, there is no shortage of places to hold your golf outing – but Thousand Hills will assure you that there are none that will do a better job of providing your group with a wonderful golf experience, good service and great amenities to back it up. This is the reason why Thousand Hills golf course is the most popular golf course in Branson for tournaments and outings. Thousand Hills Golf Resort & Convention Center is chosen by hundreds of corporations, associations, and private individuals to host their conferences and golf events, and they return always. Like all other guests, many golfers base their decision on many factors that make sense to them.
Some of the most compelling reasons to hold your next golfing event at Thousand Hills include the value that the resort can fit into any of your budget. Whether you want an event with all the praises to keep it sweet and simple, you will still get the attention you deserve year after year. The resort offers complete event packages or you can create a customized package to meet the exact needs o f your group.
Aside from hosting the most popular 18-hole golf course in Branson, Thousand Hills Golf Resort also boasts one of the most interesting and fun golf courses in the country that can give a challenging game to  all different skill levels. The resort is equipped with GPS carts that can assist your golf journey which includes ponds, creeks, rock outcroppings, hardwood forests and dramatic elevation changes.
The unmatched location of the resort is another reason why this golf course in Branson is popular to many golfers. When a group of golfers plan an event that is multi-faceted, the golf course becomes more focused to have your golf outing and lodging within a close proximity to the course. The convenient location of the golf resort is just two blocks south of the 76 Strip on Wildwood Drive. The resort also provides golfers an excellent playing conditions where a variety of Crenshaw bent grass greens provide a consistent speedy putting surface and the Zoysia fairways are well known as being the best in Branson.
When you plan for a golf outing in Branson, be sure to choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort as it has the ability to customize any package to fit your individual needs.

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