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Pure Kids Talent at the Kidz Rock

Date: 2018-06-23 12:00:00 am

Pure Kids Talent at the Kidz Rock


Presented by Talent on Parade, the Kid Rock is one of the most unique shows in Branson where you can have the opportunity to see the amazing talented kids display their vocal chops and turn the venue into an awesome zone of music and fun. The Kidz Rock will perform a limited engagement appearance at the Clay Cooper Theatre which can be found at 3216 West 76 Country Boulevard. You will find many parking spaces at the theater, and it has accessible seating for guests with disabilities. The theater also has a gift shop and concession area in the theater lobby. This family-friendly show of young kids is suitable for guests of all ages.
shows in BransonFeaturing the Go Pro Dancer, the Kidz Rock is a great production show by kids and about kids for all ages. There will be an explosion of dance, singing, cirque performances, musicians and more. You will be blown away by the best young talent from around the country. A limited engagement that is bound to create a fantastic time as the show features tones of awesome music sang by energetic and talented kids.
This Kidz Rock show in Branson is brimming with talent. Watch a big group of over 100 kids that turn the stage into an awesome zone of music madness. The ages of kids performing in the show all range from 6 to 20. The show features dancers, singers, specialty acts, and music, so all audiences are sure to have a fantastic time in Branson. A cast of young artists from around the country brings their music to Branson to provide you a phenomenal production show which is participated by kids of all ages. Be sure to catch this show at the Clay Cooper Theater.
The brilliant blast of music, dance, singing, and even cirque-style performances is sure to dumbfound everyone in the audience. Presented by Talent on Parade, the show features a dance education, performance, and training company, Kidz Roc which features more than 100 kids. The GoPro Dancers are sure to astound everyone in the audience, the Armonia band will rock you out, and you’ll be stunned by the contortions and elegant act of cirque performer, Sasha Pivaral. You’ll also be delighted with the antics of Voltz the LED Robot, it’s an explosion of entertainment that will keep the attention of all audiences from beginning to end. You’ll also get to watch a very special dance number choreographed by Branson’s own, Tina Cooper, of Clay Clooper’s Country Express.
Branson has hosted many special performances, magic and comedy show, concerts, tribute shows, and other musical events for the past several years, but none brimming with so much youthful talent – none quite like the high-energy display of everything that makes this kids’ show so magical and nothing quite like the sensational Kid Rock Show.
The Kidz Rock Show in Branson is set to perform a limited engagement appearance at the Clay Cooper Theater that brings awesome music sang by energetic and talented kids.



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