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Putting Drills to Improve your Game

Date: 2018-02-16 12:00:00 am

Putting Drills to Improve your Game


playing golf in BransonPutting is one of the most important things to consider when playing golf in Branson. If you’re serious about improving your game, you need to learn how to putt like the pros. Practice some chipping drills, and get serious on improving your putting. Putting drills will give you confidence with your putter and turn you into golfer you want to be. Here are some of the most popular putting drills that can help  improve your game and will have you pouring in more birdies.
The Clock Putting Drill is one of the best ways to improve your consistency on 3-8 foot putts. This is the kind of drill that Phil Mickelson do at least once during every one of his practice session. Here’s how to do the clock putting drill. Take 12 balls to the putting green and place them around the cup in 2-3 foot intervals. Start with the 4 that are close to the hole and work your way outward. Every time you miss, restart the drill. With this clock putting drill, you’re guaranteed to have these putts throughout your round.
The 1-2-3 Putting Drill is about rhythm and it is probably the most important aspect of being a great putter. This putting drill will help you develop a steady, consistent, putting stroke. To do the 1-2-3 putting drill, place three balls in a row along the same line at equal distances. Try 3, 6, and 9 feet to start. Roll putts starting from the ball closest to the hole and moving outward. This is a kind of drill to find rhythm before heading out on the course, or when you’re finishing up your practice for the day. 
The Meter Stick Drill is a great putting drill that can help you get the putter-face square at impact and putting a good roll on the ball. To do the meter stick putting drill, obtain a metal meter stick and place it six feet away from the hole (or any target) on the line where the ball should start off the putter face. Once you set the ball on the end, hit your putt. If the ball stays on the meter stick whole way, it means your putter face was square at impact and you put a good roll on the ball.
The Manilla Folder Putting Drill is one of the best putting drills to work on controlling the speed of your putts. This drill is crucial for lag putting and it can avoid the dreaded 3-putt. To do the Manilla Folder Putting Drill, set a manilla folder on the practice green 6-10 feet away from you on a level surface. Try to roll putts and have them stop on the folder. As the fast surface of the folder is difficult to hold, this will opt you to focus on the speed of your putt.
So, when you are playing golf in Branson and serious on improving your putting, learn some useful putting drills as they can help improve your golfing skills.



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