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Relax and Enjoy Playing Golf this Winter

Date: 2016-12-14 12:00:00 am

Relax and Enjoy Playing Golf this Winter


Playing Golf this WinterThousand Hills Golf Resort is home to the most popular Branson golf course which offers reduced rates on golf during winter season. The resort is a great place for locals and visitors alike who want to relax and enjoy playing golf this season. Playing golf during winter season requires some adjustment to your game. As many things work the same thing, it is as important to warm up in the winter as it is in the summer.  During winter season, it is easier to pull a muscle if you warm up, so it helps when you do some stretching exercise before going to the first tee.

An exciting Branson golf during winter can be enjoyed completely if clothing is loose and warm. If you want to make a perfect swing, your clothing shouldn’t be too restrictive. Fortunately, you can get fabrics that can add warmth for winter golf without too much bulk. You can also find pro shops that carry some outer ware or offer you helpful suggestions for you to wear. It can be a good idea in buying wind and water proof apparel, so you’re ready anytime to play no matter what the weather.

On the course, you will find that your ball will not travel as far in the cold weather. So you need to use a lower trajectory club to obtain the same result you would expect in the summer months. A harder ball which can spin less can add distance. Although golf can be enjoyed at any time of year, it can be a bit of a different game in the winter. Winter season have some advantages for golfers – if the ground is frozen, you will get additional roll. Some hazards add up ice, so they are no longer as terrifying as in the summer. If you want to play golf during winter, look no further than Thousand Hills Golf Course.

Thousand Hills Golf Course was voted as “Best of the Ozarks” poll by the readers of the Springfield News-Leader in the Branson Golf category. Also rated by Golf Digest as a 4 Star course, the golf course was also favored by the Springfield readers for three reasons: course quality, an experienced and courteous staff well versed in golf instruction, and a convenient location easily accessible from anywhere in the Ozarks. The first thing most golfers consider about the course is its quality. Thousand Hills Golf Course excels in almost every category.

Other good reason why Thousand Hills was chosen as Best of the Ozarks is its location. In addition to beautiful landscape and breathtaking scenery of the Ozark Mountain, Thousand Hills is perfectly located with easy accessibility to many city attractions and other interesting tourist spots. Located in the heart of Branson, Thousand Hills Golf Course is also minutes away from major highways and Branson airport.

Thousand Hills Golf Course in Branson features a mild winter which makes many golf enthusiasts become interested to play golf even during winter season.

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