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Remembering the King of Rock

Date: 2015-11-27 12:00:00 am

Remembering the King of Rock


Joseph Hall’s Elvis Rock & Remember Tribute is one of the most watched Branson shows at the new Clay Cooper Theatre. Joseph is back for his 5th season in Branson this 2015 season and his second at the Clay Cooper Theatre. His Elvis Rock & Remember Tribute show at Clay Cooper Theater is not just an impersonation show. Joseph portrays the energy, the moves and the voice of Elvis Presley that is backed by a live Rock ‘n Roll band. This show is a full production show that features special effects, many costume changes, full audio-visual integration and state-of-the-art lighting and lasers.

During the Season 3 in 2008 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Joseph made it to the Top 10 as a “Young Elvis’’ impersonator. With his unique talent of impersonating, Joseph won the judges vote of David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan. After his success on America’s Got Talent, Joseph went on tour in U.S., Europe and Mexico. Finally, he made Branson his performance home in February of 2010. Joseph has had a wild ride and puts even more energy into every performance just like Elvis did.

Joseph Hall’s Elvis Rock & Remember Tribute His rise to fame started in 2006, when he dressed up as Elvis for a Halloween Party. In this party, there was a fan who asked him if he could sing and dance like Elvis, and if he can, she’d pay him to perform at her bar. Joseph gave it a try, and he was dumbfounded when he was being asked to perform at events in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. It didn’t take long for him when he decided to do what he likes doing to do for a full-time commitment. After his success with America’s Got Talent, Joseph did perform in the world-wide Elvis competition at Graceland and The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

You won’t believe your eyes as Joseph performs “Hound Dog’’, “Heartbreak Hotel’’, “Suspicious Minds’’, “Jailhouse Rock’’, “A Little Less Conversation’’ and many, many more, covering three decades of Elvis’s most-listened hits. He portrayed the “Eras of the King’’, which was the name of the show during his first season appearance in Branson at the Historic Owen’s Theater.

The authentic Elvis look by Joseph Hall from the bottom of his shoes to the famous wave of his hair will have you start thinking he’s the real King himself. Joseph knows all of the famous habits that Elvis perfected on stage and his outstanding voice almost perfectly matches that of the King. If you’re a fan of Elvis, Joseph Hall’s  Elvis Rock & Remember Tribute is a must-see show in Branson. The styles, moves, and sounds of Elvis all come to life every time Hall takes the stage. As Joseph performs the hits of Elvis, you swear the king is standing right before your eyes.

Joseph Hall’s Elvis Rock & Remember Tribute is one of Branson shows at Clay Cooper’s Theater that will relieve the music of the King of Rock this 2015 season.

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