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Run Away Down the Branson Mountain

Date: 2018-06-15 12:00:00 am

Run Away Down the Branson Mountain


If you want to enjoy a great outdoor fun in Branson, take an adventure ride with The Runaway, a mountain coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park. With this exciting ride adventure, you will experience the thrill and the adrenaline rush as the Runaway Mountain Coaster gives you a unique ride you’ve never experienced before. Billed as the first mountain coaster in Branson, the $5 million Runaway Mountain Coaster is located on a steep hillside at the former Butcher Holly property along Highway 165, just two miles from Highway 76.
outdoor fun in BransonA mountain coaster is exactly as the name says – a coaster that utilizes the track set on land and travels through natural elevation changes to provide a thrill ride and the adrenaline rush in and around the natural features of the area. Riders are seated individually on the carts that are perfectly engineered so they can have a safe ride. The carts are pulled to the top of the mountain via the track using chains similar to traditional roller coasters. At the top of the mountain, carts are released to travel down the hill, winding in and out and around the hills for an exciting ride experience. The coasters are specially built to be as unobtrusive as possible so the natural beauty of the area can be preserved while providing riders a unique outdoor fun in Branson.
The mountain coaster utilizes a patented brake system which allows riders to have the control of their ride. Riders can choose whether to slow down or take a more leisurely trip down the coaster track and use gravity to the full extent for the fastest and most exciting ride possible. This only means that when you are a roller coaster thrill seeker taking a pleasant trip with the Runaway Mountain Coaster down the hill featuring spectacular view of the Branson skyline, Branson Mountain Adventure Park will have you covered.
Your mountain coaster adventure with the Runaway is actually two adventures in one. You can choose to be a solo driver or a driver and a passenger to pick at the loading station where the expert attendant teaches you how to control your mountain coaster cart. Once you are seated, you will be released from the loading station and your cart will be attached to an uphill pulley cable.  This cable takes you uphill for about 5 minutes – riding 1,900 feet of track rising 330 feet in elevation to the top of the mountain.
This thrilling uphill ride lets you see spectacular sceneries up close, lets you hear the tweets of birds – and watch other riders on their descent. Once you reach the top of the mountain you will be released from the cable and you’re on your own. When you want to slow down the speed, pull the brake handles or push them forward to speed up.
The Runaway Mountain Coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park is a great way to enjoy an exciting outdoor fun in Branson as it takes you to the top of the mountain and travel down the hill.


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