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Samson: Going Behind the Scenes

Date: 2018-03-21 12:00:00 am

Samson: Going Behind the Scenes


attractions in BransonThe Sight & Sound Theater is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson as it’s in this place where you can experience Behind the Scenes Tour about the story of Samson. This tour will let you gain an informative look into complexity and hard work on putting a production of Samson at Sight & Sound Theater in Branson. You will learn how the theater cares for the animals featured in such productions as Joseph and Miracle of Christmas and to witnessing the technical aspects behind the amazing million watt lighting system that dazzles audiences and every aspect of putting on a production.
The “Behind the Scenes Tour” of “Samson” features 20,000 square foot stage used for the production that include pyrotechnics, 60,000 watt sound system, animatronics, live animals, and general special effects. With all these great features, you’ll find Sight & Sound Theater,  a truly one-of-a-kind theater in the Ozarks. And now it’s your chance to see how it all come together in creating the production show of Samson. Welcome to the backstage that gives you access to everything that happens behind the scenes.
As you enjoy the Behind the Scenes Tour of Samson at the Sight & Sound Theater, you will learn that each production is intricately created – from the finely-stitched costumes to the grand staging of massive sets. You will get to know that a meticulous attention is given to every detail as they perfectly come together to transport you right into the heart of the story. You’ll come to know hundreds of reasons why you should not miss to watch this fascinating attraction in Branson which will let you learn how the spectacular production of “Samson” is created.
The Behind the Scenes Tour at Sight & Sound Theater gives you an eye-opening look at what it takes to produce a show of epic proportions. As you join the tour, actors from the show will lead you as you learn about the set construction, sound, lighting, cast dressing rooms, animal actors’ areas and more. Don’t miss to get a glimpse of the state-of-the-art stage setting, elaborate costume studio and backstage for a unique actor’s viewpoint. This 60-minute actor-guided tour will let you learn how the show is produced. You’re sure to enjoy as you see construction, lighting, sound, cast dressing rooms, animal actor’s areas and more.
Now, don’t miss your exclusive opportunity of going backstage in this Behind the Scenes Tour at Sight & Sound Theater in Branson. Discover the technology and ingenuity that brings the dramatic complexity of each show in this theater. You’ll visit the nerve centers that keep the lights, sound, stage – and even animals on cue. You will also learn about the process involved in bringing a story to life, and a chance to step up to the stage for an actor’s view in this incomparable theater in Branson.
The Behind the Scenes Tours at the Sight & Sound Theater is one-of-a-kind attraction in Branson that gives you idea how the production of Samson and other shows are created.



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