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See the Amazing Illusionist, Reza at Starlite Theatre

Date: 2016-04-17 12:00:00 am

See the Amazing Illusionist, Reza at Starlite Theatre


RezaThe “Edge of Illusion” show of master illusionist Reza at Starlite Theater is one of the most loved Branson shows that features a fresh and cutting edge feel with original illusions that capitalize on Reza’s magnetic stage performance. Reza is hailed as the nation’s top touring illusionist and has sold out venues from Denver to New York and to Los Angeles, entertaining millions and has been featured on television and radio in 31 countries around the world. The stage props of Reza at Starlite Theatre are the largest in Branson, his act is enthralling, engaging, and infused with charm and humor.  The show highlights the new age of magic and seamless fun on all things about illusion.

Reza is intriguing and has a captivating act with the ability to connect with his audiences on a very personal level. He is also skilled at using the speed of his hand and redefining “street magic” for a more of illusion since he started performing magic at a very young age. His focus on magic began at an early age of seven after being inspired with the magic show in his hometown of Brookings, South Dakota. Today, Reza has become one of the most popular rising young stars in the industry with his mind set on changing the perception of magic. “Edge of Illusion” is an amazing magic show that leaves the audience baffled, wowed, where seeing it once will never be enough.

Reza’s “Edge of Illusion” Show in Branson will run from March through September. The show will infuse with humor, charm, and an uncanny ability of Reza in the art of misdirection. It will also feature exciting dancers and assistants as well as other world class illusionists. Linda Merkling, general manager of the Starlite Theatre has said that “We have such a strong roster of entertainers for 2016, and Reza’s show will be an amazing addition to artists such as Nashville Country Star Billy Dean, Emmy Award Winners The Texas Tenors, and many more. He is young, new, and exciting, and will be a huge draw of Branson’s family crowds.”

The 29-year-old illusionist has said that “It really is exciting and an honor to be performing here at the Starlite Theater.” He adds, “It’s an amazing venue, and we have an amazing lineup for 2016 and I’m glad to be a part of it.” The reason why Reza owes his career to Branson is because he came here when he was 6 and watched a performer who inspired him. From that experience, he went home and asked his parents for a magic kit, and they would bring him back to Branson every year, and he became more and more inspired. Reza is “young and fresh,” and his “Edge of Illusion” show will fit in a nice venue, said the general manager.

Reza’s “Edge of Illusion” Show at Starlite Theater became one of the most beloved Branson shows because it infuses humor, charm, original illusion and uncanny ability of Reza in the art of magic.

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