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See the Story of the Strongest Man Ever Lived Live on Stage!

Date: 2018-12-03 12:00:00 am

See the Story of the Strongest Man Ever Lived Live on Stage!


Samson Live at Sight and Sound Theater is one of Branson shows that tells about the story of Samson.

Branson showsThis fascinating live show attraction will educate audiences about the story of the strongest man that has ever lived. When you see the show, you will be brought back to the times of the Old Testament as the talented cast play the most captivating stories of the bible. This immersive production show is bound to become one the most popular Branson shows, so make sure that you do not miss out the chance by securing a seat at Sight and Sound Theater and see Samson in all its glory. This amazing show offers a fun-filled and immersive experience to Branson visitors of all ages.

You’ll really feel the fun and excitement when you watch Samson Live as the theater expertly combines original music and script with unforgettable acting, special effects, vibrant costuming, and live animals. You’ll surely be captivated by the fascinating journey of Samson as he follows his life calling and obedience to God. Everyone in the audience is sure to be fascinated as Samson challenges the Philistines, fights demons, and even wrestles a lion along the way. With state-of-the-art visual presentation, Samson Live is brought to life to give you an unforgettable time in Branson.

The story of Samson has already started even before he was born and it’s during a time when his mother was approached by an angel who told her that her son would save Israel from the Philistines as long as he never drinks wine and let his hair grow. Samson was born indeed with great strength and grew up facing many trials, but eventually betrayed by Delilah and being held captive where he prayed to God and gave himself over to Him. In this show, you will get to know the trials and tribulations that Samson has experienced as well as his triumphs.

The story of Samson tells about the loss of his extraordinary physical strength due to the breaking of his promises and his relationship to a woman. Samson later overpowered by his foes when the woman named Delilah influenced him to reveal the secret of his strength. As Samson felt asleep, Delilah betrayed him by cutting his hair which diminished his physical strength. He was then captured, blinded, and imprisoned by the Philistines but he finally took revenge after he got back his old strength.

Samson Live is such an educational Branson show based on one of the most captivating stories in the Bible. Samson is said to be the strongest man who ever lived. He killed a lion by his bare hands and defeated thousands of soldiers. Samson Live is such a great show to watch complete with story, song, professional actors in colorful costumes, live animals, and extraordinary acts of strength.

The impressive and inspiring performance of the cast of the show is unmatched by any other Branson shows, making Samson Live a must-see show.


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