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Shepherd of the Hills: An Awesome Adventure Park

Date: 2019-04-19 12:00:00 am

Shepherd of the Hills: An Awesome Adventure Park


The Shepherd of the Hills has an excellent adventure park where you’ll find it fascinating to enjoy outdoor adventures that most visitors want to experience a unique outdoor fun in Branson. Some of the outdoor adventures that you can enjoy at the Shepherd of the Hills include the Homestead Tour, Off-Road ATV Adventures, and Vigilante Extreme Ziprider.

outdoor fun in BransonThe Homestead Tour at the Shepherd of the Hills provides visitors a great outdoor fun in Branson as it tells the history of American literature. The Shepherd of the Hills book authored by Harold Bell Wright is an exciting book that described the lives of the people in the Ozarks region. This fascinating book about the folks that once lived in the Ozarks continues to inspire people to this day where they can have the opportunity to learn the history, traditions, and the legend of the Shepherd of the Hills.

The  Homestead Tour at the Shepherd of the Hills offers an exciting outdoor fun in Branson to visitors as it gives them the opportunity to hop on a jeep-drawn tram for a guided tour in the homestead. The tour includes a visit to Old Matt’s Cabin, the original home of main characters of the novel. The house which is made of log cabin still sets in the original location. The cabin is home to the Ross family for more than 30 years before it became part of the history. Several antiques and historical items including clothing worn by John and Anna Ross, tools, photographs, cooking utensils, and some of their furniture are still intact inside the cabin.

The tour includes a visit to the Inspiration Point, a monument that marks the spot where Harold Bell Wright camped while compiling the notes for his book. You will see here carved statues of six main characters of the Shepherd of the Hills book. Also included in the tour is a visit to the site of Old Matt’s grist mill where you will see a carved image of the Old Mill Theatre. This historical tour will let you step back in time which allows you to learn the story of the beloved folks who once lived in the hills of the Ozarks.

Off-road ATV Adventure is another excellent adventure that you can enjoy at the Shepherd of the Hills. This adrenaline-pumping off-road course offers two experiences for individuals and small groups. The first one is a one-hour adventure tour that includes orientation time and learning the ins-and-outs of driving the CanAm Commander and CanAm Maverick UTVs. This off-road adventure features a warm-up driving on smooth, paved roads before heading out for a half-hour of off-road adventure. The other option is a 90-minute off-road adventure that includes a full hour of off-roading that’s sure to get your adrenaline rush pounding.

As you start the journey, you’ll follow along after your skilled and knowledgeable guide while you whisk past the lush forests of the Ozarks. You will see the rolling hills up close and the spectacular Ozark landscape. It’s going to be a blast for any ride enthusiast, and whether you’re nine years old or 99, you’re bound to enjoy an excellent adventure. Before the start of each tour, a short instruction will be conducted to let you know how to operate and handle the off-road vehicle safely. A helmet will be provided to make sure your adventure will be safe.

This Off-road ATV Adventure is a great way to experience adrenaline-pumping adventure. This is one of the best tours of the entire Branson area. The beastly ATVs provide plenty of power which makes it easy for riders to conquer off-road terrain. Whether you opt for the one hour or 90-minute adventure tour, you are bound to have amazing outdoor fun in Branson. This 177-acre property at the Shepherd of the Hills is now home to ATV trails where riders can have the opportunity to ride over the bumpy terrain of the Ozark mountains.

This property is part of the homestead’s mission to help families enjoy great outdoor fun in Branson. When you embark upon a thrilling journey on an Off Road ATV Adventures, you can have the opportunity to see some of the most picturesque sceneries of the Ozarks. This adrenaline-pumping ATV adventure is sure to complete your vacation in Branson, so don’t miss this opportunity to see the beauty of the Ozarks via this fascinating off-road adventure ride

outdoor fun in BransonThe Vigilante Extreme ZipRider at the Shepherd of the Hills is another exciting attraction in Branson that offers an excellent zip line adventure since its opening in June 2010. This is the first ZipRider to launch from a pre-existing tower and provides a thrilling and unique experience found nowhere else but at the Shepherd of the Hills.

Your zipline experience begins with a ride up one of the two glass elevators to the observation deck atop the Inspiration Tower. The Tower is the premier sightseeing structure in Branson where you will find it great to enjoy the panoramic view of the gorgeous Ozark Mountains and on a clear day, you can see as far as Arkansas.

The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider launches from the open-air observation deck at the top of the Inspiration Tower. When the gates open, you can experience an awesome wonderment as you see the beautiful landscape of Branson. The riders sit in a carriage that looks like a car seat – a beautiful design adjustable to fit passengers 75 pounds to 275 pounds. You will get to enjoy awesome fun as you fly a half mile across the historic 160-acre homestead at 50 mph.

Your adrenaline-pumping adventure with the zip line will give you a breathtaking and exhilarating ride as you hover above the treetops of the Ozarks and see for yourself flying and seeing spectacular wooded hills and valleys from above. Once you have exited the landing platform, you will be transported back to the Inspiration Tower.

If you want to experience an excellent adventure in Branson this spring, don’t miss to include in your list a visit to the Shepherd of the Hills where you will find it fascinating to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures.


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