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Sight and Sound: An Epic Theatre in Branson

Date: 2019-06-17 12:00:00 am

Sight and Sound: An Epic Theatre in Branson


Sight and South Theatre is one of the most attended theatres in Branson that often host a live show about stories from the bible. As the nation’s most prominent Christian theater, Sight and Sound features a majestic 2,000-seats, a 300-foot stage, a cast of professional performers, and many kinds of live animals.

Many of the live shows in Branson that are presented in this historic theatre will let you feel like you travel back in time when you hear biblical stories played on stage. The theatre has created many exciting shows that were filled with laughter, action, adventure, edge-of-your-seat performance, and amazing biblical stories.

The fantastic special effects, spectacular staging, beautiful original music and a story that will keep you to the edge of your seat, Sight & Sound Theatre is sure to deliver a fascinating show in Branson like no other. The stage is enormous, and the curtains of the two-side stages open and close during the main show. The show features a cast of 60 performers and offers first-class seating and of Hollywood sound quality. The fantastic Sight & Sought Theatre sits high on the hills in Branson.

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The epic Sight & Sound Theatre features a stunning display of aesthetic beauty and state-of-the-art entertainment technology that provides one of the most amazing theatrical productions the world has ever seen. This $60 million theatre is the most luxurious theatre in Branson and one of the famous theatrical venues in the country that host mostly biblical shows. Many of the shows presented in this theatre not only give fun and excitement to guests but also provide a learning experience, specifically the stories from the bible.

Some of the shows that are hosted regularly at the Sight and Sound Theatre include Jonah, Moses, Noah-The Musical, Joseph, and Samson. The show about Jonah tells about the epic adventure of a faithful and righteous prophet of God that will delight young and old audiences. This bible story happened 700 years before the birth of Christ.

The story is about the adventure of Jonah how he was saved from a tragic sea ordeal. The difficult journey of Jonah began when he disobeyed God and ran away from Him. His adventure brought through a violent storm and later encountered an enormous fish that saved his life.

Sight and Sound Theatre also host a show about Moses. In this fantastic story, you will learn how Moses parted the Red Sea and freed the Hebrews from slavery. This is such an impressive presentation as the show features state-of-the-art production, special effects, fantastic showmanship, and biblical facts to create one of the most inspiring shows in Branson.

Noah the Musical is another bible story that is presented regularly at Sight and Sound Theatre. The story tells an accurate re-telling of the story of Noah’s Ark.  The production show is complete with the on-stage ark, many live animals, and overall intricate set design to make it one of the most immersive shows in Branson.

Joseph is another story that is also regularly shown at the Sight and Sound Theatre. The show about Joseph is an engaging and memorable production show that the whole family will love as it tells the story of a boy who faced incredible life experience and adversity but later triumphed with the grace and mercy of God. The show comes alive with fantastic stage performances coupled with live animals, brilliant costumes, heart-warming musical scores, choreographed dance numbers, and so much more.

Samson is another biblical show at Sight and Sound Theatre that tells the story of a man. This fascinating live show will educate audiences about the story of the strongest man that has ever lived. When you see the show, you will be brought back to the times of the Old Testament as the talented cast play the most captivating stories of the bible. This immersive production show is bound to become one of the most popular shows in Branson as it offers a fun-filled and immersive experience to visitors of all ages.

The story of Samson tells about the loss of his extraordinary physical strength due to his relationship with a woman. His foes eventually defeated Samson after the woman named Delilah influenced him to reveal the secret of his power. As Samson felt asleep, Delilah betrayed him by cutting his hair, which diminished his physical power. He was then captured, blinded, and imprisoned by the Philistines but he finally took revenge after he got back his old power.

The biblical shows that are regularly hosted at the Sight & Sound Theater are sure to inspire audiences of all ages as all the stories presented to offer a fun-filled and immersive experience.


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