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Silver Dollar City Adds New Coaster for 2018

Date: 2018-01-12 12:00:00 am

Silver Dollar City Adds New Coaster for 2018


new attractions in BransonSilver Dollar City’s Time Traveler is one of the new attractions in Branson that is a sure hit for many ride enthusiasts. This new coaster is the fastest, steepest and tallest complete-circuit spinning roller coaster in the world in 2018. It’s also the first and only with a vertical loop – a 95-foot tall loop and first and only double launch from 0 to 47 mph in 3 seconds and 30 to 45 mph in 3.5 seconds. This 100 feet tall new attraction in Branson is custom designed for mountainous terrain. Time Traveler will shatter the traditional Wild Mouse and will set three world records.  
This $26 million new coaster has a track length of more than half a mile or 3,020 feet to be exact. This coaster has three inversions, most inversions ever on a spinning coaster (one dive loop, one zero-G Roll and one Vertical Loop.) Time Traveler also has Two Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) Launches, one horizontal and one inclined and its ride duration is 1 minute 57 seconds (Dispatch to stop and unload).
Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City Attractions had said, “This coaster’s state-of-the art controlled spin feature provides riders a unique thrill experience while still appealing to families.” Like a Wild Mouse ride, Time Traveller will have 360-degree spinning vehicles – but that’s where the comparisons end. This new attraction in Branson utilizes the terrain in the Ozarks for the riders to plummet out of the station over 100 feet straight down a mountainside at 50 miles per hour. On the 2-minute ride down, passengers will flip upside-down three times (the most ever for a spinning roller coaster) on a 95-foot-tall vertical loop, a dive loop and a Zero-G roll.
During the launches, the cars will be spinning 360 degrees. The rotating cars will feature an “adjustable magnetic spin control.” Unlike free-spinning coaster cars that whirl to and fro, the round-and-round motion of the spinning coaster is slower, more even, and less likely to cause nausea for those prone to motion sickness. While the ride experience with the Time Traveler might sound unnerving – it will be certainly thrilling and accessible to more than hardened ride enthusiasts.
Silver Dollar City’s Time Traveler is a family-friendly attraction and it’s at the upper end of the spectrum. With a height requirement of 51 inches, you will see many young riders enjoying this unique ride adventure. The coaster utilizes a traditional chain-driven lift, allowing enough momentum to propel up and into the 100-foot-tall loading station. Other thrilling rides that can be enjoyed in the park include the Powder Keg, another launched coaster that has a speed of 64 mph, and Outlaw Run, the first wooden coaster to feature “topper” track. With the addition of Time Traveler to its ride mix, Silver Dollar City can gain more reputation as a popular ride destination.
As one of the new attractions in Branson, the Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City is a great way to enjoy one-of-a-kind ride experience with the spinning roller coaster. 



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