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Silver Dollar City's Festival of Wonder

Date: 2018-03-20 12:00:00 am

Silver Dollar City's Festival of Wonder


The Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City is one of the newest attractions in Branson to open this spring with amazing acts by various performers. This new attraction will take place the long-running World Fest regularly shown at Silver Dollar City. This spring event which runs from April 6th to April 30th is a jaw-dropping experience featuring singers, dancers, artists and acrobats, not to mention other features that showcase a variety of musical and acrobatic acts. 
attractions in BransonBilled as “A Most Amazing Entertainment Experience”, Festival of Wonder will feature the world’s largest playable stringed instrument called the Earth Harp Collective. This instrument has strings stretched the length of Red Golf Heritage Hall, vibrating above the heads of the audience as it plays, creating multi-faced music experience. There’s also the Earth Harp which is just one of the show’s beyond-unbelievable instruments from visionary instrument creator William Close, America’s Got Talent finalist.
The festival also features the Flamenco Kings, comprised of seven brothers whose stunning performances are a fusion flamenco, tap, martial arts and acrobatics; Balancing Wonders, showcasing gravity-defying performances in an extraordinary balancing show; The Glass Armonica, featuring Brien Engel ; and Speed Painter Dan Dunn, glass harp music and incredible wind instruments.
There is an array of food to enjoy including gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and new flat bread creations, and Curious Kabobs with shark or alligator on a stick, Fry Breads from Cajun Shrimp to Nutella S’mores, the World of Bacon with Bacon Cannoli and Chocolate Covered Bacon, plus new Bodacious Brownies and Blended Beverages. You can also enjoy a few sweet treats as you enjoy the festival.
Some performers in the festival have been on television shows like “America’s Got Talent” and some of them have already toured across the world on some occasions. You will also see gravity-defying acts where performers balance ordinary objects in extraordinary ways. Festival of Wonder features all types of performances, including acrobatics and a bit of magic.
Designed by visionary William Close, a former finalist on America’s Got Talent, the Earth Harp Collective will dazzle audiences during the festival just as its designer William did on the TV show America’s Got Talent. The new CirqUnique features an electrifying act where world record holders and former America’s Got Talent competitors with unique and unusual talents can be seen in a single show. In this show, you’ll see out-of-this-world contortionists, an extreme pole dancing duo, extreme juggling and a slack wire acrobat.
Master illusionist Vitaly Beckman is another amazing performer t not to be missed at the Festival of Wonder. This new new amazing illusionist has mystified fans from all over the world. From bringing pictures and drawings to life to erasing pictures from their own driver’s licenses, Vitaly’s signature illusions are sure to leave you dumbfounded. 
With the new X-Pogo, you will witness the world’s best extreme pogo crew as they fly 10 feet in the air, throwing down flips and incredible tricks. This new act have already performed over 10,000 shows in 22 countries and hold 13 world records.
Radim Zenkl is a US National Mandolin Champion. This entertaining and amazing performer takes guests on a musical journey through different times, countries and cultures. His repertoire includes Bluegass, classical, Latin, swing, fold/world music and instruments from six different continents – you’ll never know what music and in which country is coming next.
With the amazing artistic talent of Speed Painter Dan Dunn, you will witness the wonders of his artistic ability as he spins masterpieces together in minutes right before your eyes. Dan Dunn’s famous speed painting act has included appearances on the Carson Daly show as well as Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, Jimmy Fallon, The Super Bowl Pre-Game Show, The CBS Early Show and more. This amazing speed painter is sure to wow audiences with his artistic skills, creating incredible works in just minutes.
At the Festival of Wonder, it’s great to see Marianne Gubri and Paolo Borghi perform with the Harp and Hang Drum. This amazing performance on the two instruments with this unusual duo fascinates audiences and takes them on an emotional and relaxing journey. The hang is an instrument of unusual percussion, consisting of two flattened tempered steel hemispheres, giving it a UFO-like shape. It is complemented by the refined sound of a Celtic harp for a hypnotic musical experience.
Other great features of The Festival of Wonder also include Flamenco Kings, Balancing Wonders, and Glass Armonica. The Flamenco Kings features seven brothers who showcase a variety of musical and acrobatic skills. The acrobatic acts of Flamenco Kings starring Los Vivancos is just one of the new shows in the Festivals of Wonder at Silver Dollar City. Its members are the world’s foremost flamenco dance artists. Their dance performances are a stunning fusion of flamenco, tap, martial arts, street dance and acrobatics with surprising elements, including an upside down flamenco dancing.
The Balancing Wonders showcases gravity-defying performers in an extraordinary balancing show. The Balancing Wonders display their agility and nimbleness, coordination and skill using everyday objects in unexpected ways. Glass Armonica, featuring Briel Engel showcases melodic sounds from one of the world’s largest instruments made of glassware. This instrument is comprised of glass goblets and snifters of all different sizes which are then played by rubbing the rims of the glass with moistened fingers. This instrument can play popular songs, classical music, Jazz standards, and historical compositions written especially for the glass armonica.

attractions in Branson

When you feel like hungry – and admit it, you’ll be intrigued by World of Bacon – they have new offerings that will appeal to diverse tastes. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, kabobs, fried breads, and customized sweet treats, such as ginormous cupcakes, are in the mix.
In addition to the new shows, the “Festival of Wonder” has its regular offers what park officials are calling a “Year of Crafts and Food.”  “Those food items, as well as the items for our festivals throughout the year, will equal 200-plus food items that will be added to the food venues throughout the course of the year,” Thomas said. “But, if you find something you like, you’d better enjoy it during that festival, because it probably goes away once the festival finishes.”
During the “Festival of Wonder,” Silver Dollar City will also continue to highlight all the rides and attractions, ranging from the 10 family adventures at Fireman’s Landing, the award-winning wooden coaster Outlaw Run, and perennial favorites WildFire, Powder Keg, and Fire in the Hole. Speaking of rides and attractions in Branson, there is a site in the park where a yet-to-be-announced project is being constructed. You can see that project from several areas in the park.
“You’ll see a construction site that is worthy of wow and wonder, as well, but we’re not going to tell you what that is,” Thomas told a group during a special event. “Somewhere around the middle of August we’re going to let the cat out of the bag, and talk about it ... and it will be a feat of wonder, as well.”
With your 2018 Silver Dollar City Season Pass, you’re sure not to miss these amazing acts at the Festival of Wonder. When you buy this season pass, you’ll enjoy unlimited visits all season long – all for less than the cost of two one-day tickets.



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