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Simple and Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Golf Club

Date: 2019-01-18 12:00:00 am

Simple and Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Golf Club


Like bikes and motorcycles, golf clubs are useful possessions that requires your attention in taking good care and maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability and effective usage.

Golf clubs are to be cared for until such time where the standard of your game demands a new set. Here are some simple and effective ways on how to take care of your golf clubs so you should be in tip-top shape when you keep on playing golf.

Store Your Golf Clubs Properly

It’s important to store your golf clubs properly after using them, as in inside your house. Never store your clubs for a long time in the trunk of the car, especially in hot locations. Intense heat like in summer can weaken the glues that hold the grip and clubhead in place.

Never Leave Your Golf Clubs Wet

A wet golf club has the tendency to develop rust. If you get home after a wet day on the course, make a quick wipe-dry of your clubs before tossing them where you usually store them.

playing golfYou need to have a Golf Towel

You can use any old towel that you can attach to your golf bag. It could mean a towel purpose-made for golfers with a reinforced eyehole and fancy wicking fibers. It’s a good idea to attach one to your bag and use it during your round to wipe down the clubfaces and grips, as the club has the tendency to become damp or collect dirt.

Use Headcovers on Your Woods

It’s important to use headcovers to help protect the more delicate and more-easily damaged heads on your driver and woods from damage when you grab them out of the golf bag and shove them back in. You can use it during the jostling that takes place in a car trunk or on the back of a golf cart.

Clean the Clubheads Between Play

It’s important to clean your golf clubs at least every few rounds while playing golf, just to make sure you get rid of dirt and debris from the grooves and etchings on the clubheads. It's just a simple and not time-consuming cleaning, and you only need a soft-bristled brush, some warm water and a towel to wipe the clubs dry.

Clean Those Grips Too

If you clean the grips – it will eliminate dirt, debris, sunscreen stains, sweat and will help them last longer. The grips are the one part of your golf clubs that you will probably have to replace someday, so cleaning them to last longer is a good idea.


Regularly Inspect the Grips for Wear

When you clean your grips, look also for signs of wear. Inspect the grips for shiny areas, which indicates slickness, plus for worn areas or cracks. Those are signs that it's time to consider new grips.

To get you on top when you’re playing golf, be sure to know first how to take care of your golf clubs with these simple and effective ways.


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