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Sky High Adventure

Date: 2016-01-08 12:00:00 am

Sky High Adventure


Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon is one of the newest attractions in Branson Landing that can take you high above the sky. Try this unique sky high adventure where you can have the chance to see the perfect bird’s eye view of the Ozark Mountains and Lake Taneycomo. Located just behind Belk on the north side of Branson Landing, Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon ride can accommodate 1 to 12 riders and float 188 feet above. As the balloon takes you high in the sky, you will be rewarded with an amazing 360 degree view of the beautiful landscape of Branson.

Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon is open daily rain or shine from March 1 through December 31 during regular Branson Landing hours. Whether you visit Branson by yourself alone, with the family or large group of friends, Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon can be your home during your sky high adventure above downtown Branson. Advanced tickets for this exciting balloon ride are not required but are encouraged for easy availability. So, get ready for this thrilling sky high adventure that will let you see spectacular views of the Ozarks scenery.

This exciting balloon ride adventure above the sky is sure to delight everyone as it rises above the beautiful Branson Landing. A great balloon ride that starts from Branson Landing area is a fascinating sky high adventure that allows you to see the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Taneycomo from high above the sky. This hot air balloon ride gives everyone a unique travel experience for all ages.

The attractions to enjoy at Branson Landing include fountain show and Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon ride. The Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline offers zipline rides over Lake Taneycomo while at the same time operates the balloon ride. Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon gives everyone  a wonderful ride in a basket and the only one in the world as it is encased in a 180 foot tower. When guests enter the enclosure and go up 180 feet, the basket spins around so they can start seeing picturesque sceneries of the Ozark mountains.

The balloon is held within a tower and allows riders to be held without restrictions of a hot air balloon like weather and wind. Balloon ride is handicap accessible and no age requirement making it perfect for the entire family. For first time Balloon riders, this is definitely an awesome sky high entertainment you do not want to miss. Steampunk Balloon at Branson Landing offers the most exciting sky high entertainment that hovers above the majestic lakes and the Ozark mountains. Hot air balloon ride gives every rider a unique flying opportunity and an unforgettable flying experience. A fantastic balloon ride is the perfect way to add to your great outdoor adventures in a breathtaking and exhilarating way.

Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon lets you feel a breathtaking and thrilling g ride experience while enjoying an exciting sky high adventure  that takes you above Branson area and see the perfect bird’s eye view of Lake Taneycomo and Ozark Mountains.

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