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Sluicing at the Talking Rocks Cavern

Date: 2015-12-02 12:00:00 am

Sluicing at the Talking Rocks Cavern


Talking Rocks Cavern is a wonderful tourist spot in the Ozarks where nature fun activities truly give unforgettable memories to every visitor. Visiting this Talking Rocks Cavern will let you learn how the people lived in the early days and how the early tourism experienced in the area. While there were no existing shows, attraction or parks during this time, you can imagine how the visitors toured the place and explore the caves. Nowadays, touring the Talking Rocks Cavern allows visitors to enjoy seeing amazing caves with nature fun activities and other exciting adventures.

Sluicing Talking Rocks Cavern is the most unique and fascinating tourist spot to visit in the Ozarks. On your visit to this amazing cave, you can have the chance to explore the earth’s underground secrets. It also gives you numerous educational opportunities through the Speleolab Cave Science Education Program that will let you learn how the caves are formed. While touring the cave, you can crawl through the Speleobox maze with 150 feet of twisting and winding passage that were used by early cavers to enjoy safety in caving. A new 40 foot Treetop Tower and Gemstone Mining is a nice attraction in the cavern where tourists find it great to explore.

Talking Rocks Cavern features a series of 150 steps and platforms which will take you to the floor of the cave. Visiting the cave will let you know fun cave facts and learn what creatures live in caves, how stalactites and stalagmites are created, and the different types of caves and much more. The beautiful crystal formations and long winding networks in the cave make the place so fascinating to explore. The warm temperature of the cave creates a spectacular cave formations as well as flowstone formations known as soda straw formations called tubular stalactite that is filled with calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate that flow through rock’s cracks.

The spectacular stalactites found in most caves are created by continuous dripping of mineral rich water that leaves mineral deposits on the ceiling when hardened. Stalagmites are created as the mineral rich water fall to the cave floor in droplets leaving deposits to grow like pillar-like formations. Interestingly, stalactites and stalagmites join from ceiling to floor where they grow very slowly at around an inch every 100 years.  

The nature fun activities of touring the caves, gemstone mining, and other exciting activities in the Ozarks come together with the mystery of the cave why it is called the Talking Rocks Cavern. The rocks deep inside the cave don’t really talk, but somewhere down deep below the cave tend to create some strange sounds due to air that flows to the cave. As you tour the Talking Rocks Cavern, be sure not to miss the opportunity to find a precious stone in the gemstone mining.

Talking Rocks Cavern is a wonderful vacation destination in the Ozarks that can definitely give fun to children of all ages where they learn interesting and educational facts about the caves.

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