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Spine-Chilling Attractions in Branson

Date: 2017-04-21 07:00:00 pm

Spine-Chilling Attractions in Branson


Branson is home to many exciting attractions, world-class live entertainment shows, and the three pristine lakes, but there are still plenty of things to see that you don’t know they exist. From spectacular natural wonders to off-beaten path attractions, Branson offers many unusual attractions and heart-pumping adventures that you wouldn’t expect. Many of these attractions in Branson are spine-chilling and some offers a scary and spooky adventures. These adrenaline adventures and scary attractions in Branson include the Ejection Seat, Flyboard on Table Rock Lake, Parasail on Table Rock Lake, Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure, and Haunted House and Monster Asylum.

attractions in BransonLocated on the Branson Strip, Ejection Seat is a human slingshot that launches riders 175 feet into the air, bouncing all around and upside down many times until gravity finally pull them down. With the Ejection Seat, you can feel your heart pound uncontrollably as you anticipate the initial blastoff that makes most riders go direct to the adjacent candy store to eat something after the ride.

Flyboard Branson had just introduced one of the newest attractions to Table Rock Lake – Flyboarding. With this unique water adventure, you can surf the sky with a special board that straps to your feet and sends you soaring into the air propelled by jets of water. Parasailing is another great water adventure that you can experience on Table Rock Lake. This thrilling water activity has been a favorite among water enthusiasts for nearly 20 years. With the boat’s launching pad and landing platform, you don’t even need to get wet to enjoy it. If you join American Parasail on a trip across Table Rock Lake, you will soar 250 feet into the air, dangling from a parachute and watching the spectacular scenery underneath.

Castle of Chaos 5D Adventure is a must-see family attraction in Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This action-filled adventure mixes a 3D film with heart-pounding motion, special effects, and an all-out shooting battle against evil forces. In this haunted video game, you have to discover the paranormal mysteries of the Castle of Chaos and prepare to have a blast. Top scorers of the game are shown on screen. A truly scary movie experience turned video game. Whatever plan you have for your vacation in Branson, make sure to include in your list the Castle of Chaos on West 76 Country Blvd in Branson.

The Haunted House and Monster Asylum is also one of unusual attractions in Branson that offers spooky experience for the brave. If you participate in this scary tour, you will travel through an Ozark cemetery, a ghostly castle, and to an insane asylum. When you visit this haunted house, you can experience the famous mirror maze and the animatronics throughout the house. Your hairs might stand when you get frightened by horrible ghostly sound effects as well as the eerie lighting.

If you love adrenaline pumping activities and spooky adventures, you must visit Branson and see for yourself many unusual attractions that you don’t know they exist.

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