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Spring Day with the Lovable Animals

Date: 2016-02-06 12:00:00 am

Spring Day with the Lovable Animals


Established in 1999, the Promised Land Zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Branson where you can find a wide array of cute and cuddly animals. This family owned zoo began its operations with only a few animals and has grown to more than 500 animals in a vast space of 120 acres. The animals that were brought to the zoo come from all over the world which represent 50 species that include antelope, kangaroos, lemurs, deer, tropical birds, large reptiles and many more. Get the opportunity to bottle feed animals of your choice which is scheduled at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm. The zoo is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm daily all throughout the season.

Promised Land ZooPromised Land Zoo offers special Live Animal Shows where you can get up close and personal with five to six animals that aren’t on display. The zoo has staff of animal professionals including Jungle Josh and Buckaroo Brice who will bring out several animals for you to interact with and learn about their characteristics. Aside from the fun that you will enjoy with the Live Animal Shows, a personal tour is offered where you can have the chance to bottle feed animals such as camel, monkey, or hear stories about the animals narrated by your personal tour guide. There’s also a gift shop in the zoo that is full of unique items such as stuffed animals and zoo themed souvenirs.

Some animals are kept in large cage where you can only toss food at them. You will also be delighted to see some parrots impress you with their amazing language. Majority of the animals used for interacting with the visitors are born right here at one of the two Promised Land Zoo parks. Because of the diversity of species in the zoo, some of the critical animals are often included the breeding programs as they mature.

The Parakeet Paradise is one of the best attractions at Promised Land Zoo where you can feed hundreds of exotic birds with your complimentary parakeet stick. This exciting place gives fun for all ages and you can get enough of this free flight area where hundreds of birds flock to attract your attention for a treat. Promised Land Zoo is also known to offer visitors educational program about all the animals living inside the zoo.

Promised Land Zoo is such a truly exotic place to spend a wonderful experience. In just one minute drive you’ll be right in the middle of the wooded hills of the Ozarks. The next minute you may see herd of horses, zebras and buffalo while some ostriches chasing your car. Be sure you have brought your camera with you – as you may love to snap some photos like Olive Baboon named Calamity Jane that is raised and fed by animal show performer Jungle Josh.

So, if you want to experience a unique zoo adventure and something exotic on the wild side, come to the Promised Land Zoo in Branson.

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