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Stargazing at the Table Rock Lake

Date: 2015-12-09 12:00:00 am

Stargazing at the Table Rock Lake


stargazing Stargazing is best to experience in the area where there is little or no light pollution. The Table Rock Lake in Missouri can be a perfect place for stargazing activity as the area always features a clear sky where anyone can have the chance of watching beautiful stars twinkling in the sky. The lights that glow in the city have robbed many stargazing enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy watching a multitude of stars at night. The clouds always hamper stargazing activity at night. Sometimes the stars are hidden by the strong lights around the city. When the clouds pass or you go to the countryside where no light pollution, stars are always visible.

Stargazing can be enjoyed best in the countryside especially in a place beside the lake where light pollution is minimal. So go stargazing especially at Table Rock Lake and discover the wonderful night sky. Open skies are defining features for a perfect stargazing on a clear night where you can get the chance to see some 4,000 stars sparkling in the universe all year round. Light pollution especially near the city suburbs is a growing issue for amateur astronomers, but in the open areas far from city streetlights you can still view a wonderful clear night sky.

Stargazing is best to do during the appearance of the new moon or the first quarter of the moon as many of the farthest star in the milky way can become visible. During this time, try to view the sky if you can spot the glow of the Andromeda Galaxy. This is the most distant star the human eye can see at two million light years away. With the use of binocular, you should be able to see Andromeda’s elliptical shape. With clear skies above on a summer evening, stargazing can be a bit chilly, so make sure to take warm clothes and a hot drink.

If you want to follow the footsteps of Galileo, stargaze and camp, find a wonderful place to sleep under the stars in a countryside that has no light pollution. Join in a free seasonal stargazing guides for spotting constellations during winter, spring, summer or autumn. Find some place that holds stargazing events that are ideal for family and kids throughout the year.

If you want to identify the stars around the night sky, you need to connect them like connecting the dots. The Big Dipper can be found easily when you see two stars in the bowl. The brightest star in the constellation Virgo the Maiden of Harvest is the Spica which looks like the letter Y. If you look overhead and find the three brightest stars, they form the summer triangle and its star has its own constellation. If you see a really bright star that seems out of place, it is probably a planet.

Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks region is a perfect place for stargazing activity as the area always features a clear sky with no light pollution.

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