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Start the Year with an Awesome Adventure

Date: 2018-12-26 12:00:00 am

Start the Year with an Awesome Adventure


Just opened this year 2018, the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition is one of the newest Branson attractions that offers visitors a true off-roading experience with fun twists, turns and bumps.

Branson attractionsThis new attraction in Branson is a great way to start the year with an awesome adventure that will take you through Branson’s Bigfoot Farms, a working Scottish Highland Cattle Farm where you will experience some of the most incredible sites in the Ozark Mountains. This awesome off-road adventure gives you the chance to hand feed, pet and say hello to Scottish Highland cattle.

Scottish Highland cattle is located in Scotland where Bigfoot markings are frequently sighted, this is where the Bigfoot adventure tour begins. The tour utilizes a 4x4, all-terrain trucks that were custom built in Nevada with open windows giving tour participants a true outdoor experience.

As soon as you set foot to the farm, the cattle will immediately go near the vehicle to get some snack and say hello. As well as spectacular views of the Ozark mountains and feeding cattle, you’ll see sightings of a large limestone bluff painted with hieroglyphics that tell a Native American version of the Bigfoot tale.

Bigfoot Discovery Expedition is the first of its kind Branson attraction where tour participants will join the team and board safari trucks to visit Bigfoot Farms. Starting from Bigfoot on the Strip, this tour will take you along for a ten-minute ride to Bigfoot Farms and you will experience a ninety-minute tour of the farm and the surrounding hills, then back to Bigfoot on the Strip.

As you get onboard the amazing twenty-eight-seater safari bus, you’ll get the chance to see the spectacular landscape that surrounds the place. The open-air window of the bus allows you to see better views than on other touring vehicles, giving you a fascinating tour experience.

The thrilling off-road adventure with the safari bus will have you bouncing in your seat with awesome fun and excitement. As you make your way to the farm, you will hear from the tour guide complete details pertaining to all of the sights you see along the way.

You will also get some information about how several episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies were shot in the hills of Branson’s famous Silver Dollar City theme park that helped make Branson become a popular tourist destination. Once you reach destination, you will have the chance to interact with and feed mystical Scottish Highland cattle on a working farm where you see cows from the largest Scottish Highland producer in the Midwest.

In this awesome farm adventure, you will hear stories of how Baldknobbers used to serve as vigilantes against Confiderates during the American Civil War. You will be treated also to stories of an old fur trapper in the Ozark Mountains, and see the cabins he built to use for hunting and trapping.

As one of the newest Branson attractions, Bigfoot Discovery Expedition is the place to visit if you want to start the year with an awesome adventure.



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